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Houston Area Fields

Middle School Matchup is excited to bring  the largest and most popular, youth baseball event in Texas to the Houston area! Looking forward to new schools and an incredible event in 2018.

Thousands have already played and signed up for 2017 - Check out the Players Tab (below) for a list of VIPs  for Houston!

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Here is a list of players on the Registration List that are ready to play!

Players and Teams are listed below. It's a lot of data and is probably best viewed on larger devices. You can search and sort to get a great view of who is currently signed up! Not on the list? Click the green button above or below!

Don't see your team yet?

No worries! We use a 'pick up baseball' style of recruitment. Players make teams based on which school they attend and what grade they are in. You sign up, you tell your friends, they tell their friends...And just like that you've got a baseball team for your school! It's super easy, especially using some of the tips on the Team Building Page.

Player First Name
Player Last Name
Grade in Fall 2016
Middle School in Fall 2016
TrevionAikens6th-School Not Listed-
TrevionAikens6th-School Not Listed-
CarterAldmon7thCypressFairbanks ISD-Salyards
CarterAndreozzi8thCypressFairbanks ISD-Aragon
RaydonArroyo8thCypressFairbanks ISD-Cook
RaydonArroyo8thCypressFairbanks ISD-Cook
PaulBaba8thCypressFairbanks ISD-Aragon
NoahBabineaux7thKaty ISD-Tays
NicholasBaker6thHumble ISD-Timberwood
JackBehar7thCypressFairbanks ISD-Salyards
AdamBenavidez7thKaty ISD-Tays
MattBennett8thFort Bend ISD- Bowie
MontgomeryBognar7thKaty ISD-Garland McMeans
MatthewBowen8thLamar Consolidated ISD-Leaman
JacksonBraun8thKlein ISD-Doerre
CasonBrinson7thKaty ISD-Beckendorf
LanceBroeder7thCypressFairbanks ISD-Smith
TylerBrowning7thLamar Consolidated ISD-Leaman
RileyBuckner8thCypressFairbanks ISD-Aragon
LoganCabral7thKaty ISD-Tays
JerryCadena7thHouston ISD-Aldine
BrysonCampbell6thAnahuac ISD-Anahuac
aryan Chopra7thKaty ISD-Tays
CadeClimie8thAustin ISD-Garcia Middle School
CadeClimie8thFort Bend ISD-Sartartia
RaifCobb7thCypressFairbanks ISD-Smith
James "Jack"Coultas8thKaty ISD-Seven Lakes
JoshuaCremer7thCypressFairbanks ISD-Salyards
AndrewCurtis7thHumble ISD-Creekwood
HamzaDadabhoy8thCypressFairbanks ISD-Smith
ZacharyDaigre7thTomball - St. Anne
SilasDavis8thCypressFairbanks ISD-Cook
ErosDeciga8thFort Bend ISD-Sartartia
TobiasDeLuca8thCypressFairbanks ISD-Cook
EvanDudley7thConroe ISD-Knox
RyanDugas8th-School Not Listed-
LukeEkdall7thCypressFairbanks ISD-Salyards
CharlesElacqua7thPearland ISD- Rogers
TrevorEsparza8thKaty ISD-Tays
JonathanFezell8thKaty ISD-Seven Lakes
nathanflores8thKaty ISD - Mayde Creek
NATHANFLORES8thKaty ISD - Mayde Creek
HaydenFullem8thKaty ISD-Cinco Ranch
JustenGabaldo8thCypressFairbanks ISD-Salyards
CEGaitz7thCypressFairbanks ISD-Salyards
ReneGarcia8thCypressFairbanks ISD-Salyards
Ruben "Flaco"Garcia8thCypressFairbanks ISD-Salyards
HarrisonGolden8thFort Bend ISD-Sartartia
HarrisonGolden8thFort Bend ISD-Sartartia
IvanGomez7thKaty ISD-Tays
IvanGomez7thKaty ISD-Tays
SethGratz7thFort Bend ISD-Fort Settlement
WyattGregg7thMagnolia ISD-Magnolia
ChristopherHanes7thConroe ISD-Irons
Evan Henderson8thCypressFairbanks ISD-Salyards
ClaytonHenderson7thCypressFairbanks ISD-Salyards
ConnerHicok7thCypressFairbanks ISD-Goodson
MichaelHilbig7thConroe ISD-McCullough
JacobHoffart7th-School Not Listed-
BrandinHolland6thHumble ISD-Timberwood
BretHood8thKlein ISD-Krimmel
TylerHooks7thKaty ISD-Woodcreek
LoganHorn8thLamar Consolidated ISD-Leaman
AdrianIsaaccura7thKaty ISD-Tays
DallasJames8thFort Bend ISD-Sartartia
LukeJamieson6th-School Not Listed-
DillonJerding7thCypressFairbanks ISD-Salyards
KadenJones7thLamar Consolidated ISD-Leaman
Kat Laird8thKaty ISD-IL Texas
Ryan Lang7thCypressFairbanks ISD-Salyards
JaydenLathon8thCypressFairbanks ISD-Anthony
NathanLeopold7thCypressFairbanks ISD-Salyards
CorenLewis8thCypressFairbanks ISD-Arnold
ShaneLiles8thFort Bend ISD-Sartartia
AidenLong7thKaty ISD-Tays
CarsonLorch 8thTomball ISD-Willow Creek
DeaconMakris8thCypressFairbanks ISD-Salyards
DrewMarkle7thKaty ISD-Tays
GrantMayfield7thCypressFairbanks ISD-Salyards
DanielMcCumber7thCypressFairbanks ISD-Spillane
AndrewMcRea7thLamar Consolidated ISD-Leaman
IshanMehta7thFort Bend ISD-Dulles
Michael Montes7thKaty ISD-IL Texas
CadeMorales8thCypressFairbanks ISD-Salyards
Jonathan Nelson7thCypressFairbanks ISD-Salyards
CaseyNguyen8thFort Bend ISD-Quail Valley
SpencerNix7th-School Not Listed-
Isaiah Novosel 7thCypressFairbanks ISD-Salyards
NicholasNúñez8thCypressFairbanks ISD-Cook
TrennonOglesby7thLamar Consolidated ISD-Leaman
DaxtonPalmisano6thSpring ISD-Twin Creeks
NicPendergast8thTomball ISD-Willow Creek
FrederickPerry8th-School Not Listed-
FrederickPerry II8th-School Not Listed-
Garrett Pieri7thCypressFairbanks ISD-Hamilton
HaydenPlummer8thCypressFairbanks ISD-Campbell
JeremyRandermann8thCypressFairbanks ISD-Spillane
ShawnRawls8thCypressFairbanks ISD-Aragon
DylanRhodes7thLamar Consolidated ISD-Leaman
Elijah "Eli"Rincón8thCypressFairbanks ISD-Aragon
PaxtonRitchey6thKaty ISD-Seven Lakes
JoshuaRivas8thKlein ISD-Strack
JamesRoss6thWillis ISD-Lynn Lucas
Tyler Schwarz8thCypressFairbanks ISD-Aragon
MattScott7thKlein ISD-Strack
TrystonScribner6thSeabrook ISD-Seabrook
Christian Sedeno8thCypressFairbanks ISD-Aragon
ScottSexton7thCypressFairbanks ISD-Salyards
ScottSexton7thCypressFairbanks ISD-Salyards
Marc AlanSherman8thFort Bend ISD-Sartartia
Jeremy WadeSmith7thCypressFairbanks ISD-Hamilton
JacobSpencer7thCypressFairbanks ISD-Salyards
KadenStegent7thCypressFairbanks ISD-Goodson
AsherTennant7th-School Not Listed-
PadenTortorice7th-School Not Listed-
PadenTortorice7thCypressFairbanks ISD-Thornton
DinoTrevino7thConroe ISD-Peet
AlexanderTrinh8thHouston ISD-Harmony School of Excellence
MichaelValenzuela6th-School Not Listed-
Lane Vicknair7thCypressFairbanks ISD-Salyards
LaneVicknair7thCypressFairbanks ISD-Salyards
AngeloVolante6thHumble ISD-Timberwood
TanayVyas6thFort Bend ISD-Sartartia
OwenWade6thKaty ISD-Seven Lakes
CooperWard7thCypressFairbanks ISD-Hamilton
ParisWatson7thConroe ISD-York Middle School
ChaseWitthaus8thCypressFairbanks ISD-Salyards
JakeWoods8thFort Bend ISD-Sartartia
DariusWoodson7thKaty ISD-Tays

Parents Love MSM

Kathy J. MSM Parent

This weekend wasn't about winning or losing....It was about playing MIDDLE SCHOOL BASEBALL!!!! It brought boys together that have never played together but showed what a passion for baseball can do. Thank you!!!!

Players Love MSM

I have played in nearly 1000 games now, all over America and I still think MSM was probably the most fun I have ever had playing baseball. Playing with the kids I grew up with was amazing. Even in high school we still talk about how fun (and crazy) our games were!

Jaxon H MSM Alumn

    What is Middle School Matchup?

    MSM is a unique weekend tournament for middle school baseball players in areas that do not have formal middle school teams. At MSM we align players by middle school, regardless of skill level, and give them the special chance to take a short break from their current team and play ball with the kids they have grown up with! Smiles and high-fives are guaranteed.