Become an Ambassador!

Are you already raving about what we are doing?

 Do you love the MSM concept and want to be part of this crazy thing?


So here is the deal...Middle School Matchup is looking for MSM Ambassadors to lead the charge out in your local community and school districts.

Become an MSM ambassador and receive the VIP treatment, earn some cash,  and even a chance to win... 

A Parent Getaway Cruise for Two! 

Now you are probably thinking to yourself "Ambassador"? Will I be flown to neighboring countries and be asked to represent MSM by meeting with highly regarded international, political delegates?" The short answer is NO. This isn't the U.N. It's a much easier gig than that but it does have some similarities. Read on...

Here's the Ambassador Scoop!

What you get...

  • Free entry to MSM with the largest package we offer
  • Guaranteed spot on team via early ambassador sign up
  • 2 MSM Ambassador T-Shirts and MSM Promo Pack
  • Earn $50 for every NEW team in your district
  • A bonus $50 for the first NEW team in a NEW school
  • Inside access to Team MSM!
  • A chance to win a cruise for two valued at $1500

What you do...

  • Spread MSM to your social channels (We have shareables)
  • Talk about MSM and #happybaseball to everyone
  • Talk to your school admins and see what options we have to spread the word in your schools (signs, flyers, announcements)
  • Use our shareables at local games, tournaments and schools.
  • Maybe host a fun networking happy hour!
  • Post small signs where applicable (schools & fields)

Sa-wing batter! Sounds Easy...because it is! Lock down your spot as an ambassador in your district quickly! The earlier you do, the more cash you can make!

Want to step it up a notch and make a little extra cash on the side?

For every NEW team that is formed in your ambassador district, we'll give you $50 cold hard cash (side note: Not really cold and probably not hard. Actually it will probably be electronically sent to you after the tournament). PLUS if it's the very first new team from a brand NEW SCHOOL we will give you an additional new school bonus of $50!

Not only can you proudly say "I am an MSM Ambassador" (or MSMbassador sounds nice too!) when you are wearing your ambassador tee, we will also reward you with a guaranteed spot on your team and FREE entry with the largest MSM package (Jersey, Tee, Jacket, Hoodie, Cap) and a chance to win a fun getaway cruise for two on Carnival!

Ready to wave the MSM flag and spread #happybaseball to your district or area?

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