Atlanta - Middle School Baseball Championships


Introducing: Middle School Baseball!

 Middle School Matchup is excited to bring  the  most popular youth baseball event in Texas to the Atlanta Georgia area! 

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Over 20,000 Parents and Players have participated!

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Middle School Matchup is coming to Atlanta!

We can't wait to see you guys for a weekend of #happybaseball.  The goods below (and on other tabs) should give you everything you need to know about MSM.  Grab your gear,   friends from school, pick out your rivals and we will see you at check in!

  • Quick: One Weekend Tourney - Will not interfere with current team. Your one chance to take a break and play with the kids you grew up with!
  • Fun: Teams formed by what Grade and Middle School you attend. So you are playing with the pals you grew up with. It's a fun way to leave ultra-competitive youth baseball (still important) and revisit 'fun baseball' for a weekend. So popular in the Dallas area that teams sell out in minutes!
  • Highly Rated: 700+ positive testimonials and 98% player return rate.
  • Awesome Awards - Finalists get amazing rings and champs also get custom bat, painted in school colors and engraved for school showcase.

When? This Fall [TBD]

Remember, we only come around once a year...Play in the MSM Tourney and go right back to select team practice on Monday!

Where? - Atlanta Area Fields

That's right...We'll be playing right around your neck of the woods! We'll have kids from schools all over the Atlanta area so we're glad to have some local fields to play at!


This is a pretty unique tournament and that means a lot of questions the first time around.
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It's a blast...20000+ Parents & Players have participated!



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Parents Love MSM

Kathy J. MSM Parent

This weekend wasn't about winning or losing....It was about playing MIDDLE SCHOOL BASEBALL!!!! It brought boys together that have never played together but showed what a passion for baseball can do. Thank you!!!!

Players Love MSM

I have played in nearly 1000 games now, all over America and I still think MSM was probably the most fun I have ever had playing baseball. Playing with the kids I grew up with was amazing. Even in high school we still talk about how fun (and crazy) our games were!

Jaxon H MSM Alumn

    What is Middle School Matchup?

    MSM is a unique weekend tournament for middle school baseball players in areas that do not have formal middle school teams. At MSM we align players by middle school, regardless of skill level, and give them the special chance to take a short break from their current team and play ball with the kids they have grown up with! Smiles and high-fives are guaranteed.