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MSM Testimonials:

Robby Deevers

I had one of the most gifted players I’ve ever seen at 12yrs old on my team that hit 3 home runs and struck out the side in 13 pitches this weekend...but to see him encouraging and rooting for some players that hadn’t played at the highest level of baseball, was refreshing and beautiful to see. Likewise, we had some very big hits and plays by some kids that may not play select or travel ball that only MSM affords classmates this opportunity. I think these boys will remember this weekend forever.

Dedra Hicks

Middle School Matchup was an amazing event. Seeing the boys bond was fantastic. Although they are all so competitive, it was a great time for them to relax and just enjoy playing the game they all love with friends. The officiating was truly the best we have had and we have seen a lot of officials. Thank you MSM for a terrific weekend.

Martin Rodriguez

Had an awesome time at Middle School Match up. It was lots of fun for the boys.