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MSM Testimonials:

Steve Burton

The excitement of Middle School Matchup has intensified from year to year and the boys can't wait to play one more time before they start High School. MSM is truly a #happybaseball event.

Gary Gray


Kaveh Meghdadpour

Great event! Lots of fun.

MSM Testimonials:

Carson Kimbrell

Great time!

Christina Hughes

The boys had a blast playing on a team with all their middle school friends. We are looking forward to next year!

Thomas Davis

Very informative for parents concerning college recruitment and preparation for the application process. Also, great for teaching the boys the college coaches expectations. My 12 year old son, Noah, enjoyed the specialized instruction from the Oklahoma State and University of Houston coaches during camp and said it was his favorite one day camp ever! We appreciate all of the coaches and staff that helped make this a successful event.