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MSM Testimonials:

Adrian chavez

It was a great opportunity to play more baseball once the regular season it's over plus a positive way to interact with classmates from his middle schoo,..gran evento

Lori McCaghren

Our daughter attended the hitting camp and had a great time, learned a new drill and for first time had her power off the bat timed. She already knew she could hit the ball hard, but when she was able to attach a number to it her confidence was boosted even more. As parents, we really loved hearing directly from scouts. Hearing what they look for confirmed the things we are doing right and will help us avoid doing things in the future that may automatically disqualify our player. Loved the tips about what NOT to spend money on as we are trying to promote our players to colleges and universities.

Kara Harvey

We really enjoyed the MSM! It was a relaxing and fun change from our regular tournament play .

MSM Testimonials:

Robert Torres

It's just a great experience to see the boys get to play with their school buddies. There is no pressure and it is so much fun for them that I know they love it, and the memories they create will stick with them more than even the tourneys they play with their select teams. One suggestion, and no idea how feasible it would be, but I would love to see this more times throughout the year. I know all the select players have busy schedules, but I think you could do this kind of tourney a couple of times a year if you did it during the week. You can have the teams opt in from this weekend and play with the same roster and uni's, and you could do a couple of midweek tourneys throughout the spring. I know my boys would love it.

Craig Railsback

Great tournament

Stacy Fletcher

I love middle school match up this was my son's 3rd year to do it and hes in 8th grade so we will not be able to do middle school match up next year or anymore but he knocked out a grand slam on his last night of middle school match up so he went out with a big Bang!