MSM Dallas 7v7 Football Preregistration

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Why should you preregister? 
Preregistration helps us build the momentum we need to have the best event possible. When you sign up, others from your school will see this and it helps them sign up and then we build this snowball of #happyfootbal! Plus it's free and just takes 35 seconds.

MSM Testimonials:

kristin pavle

The boys had a blast playing and loved sporting their game shirts and hoodies at school!

Sheryl McBryde

What an amazing day playing in Middle School Matchup. These boys played hard, had fun and took home the championship in their bracket. Aside from playing well as a team there were some pretty spectacular moments. Sunday Game 1 a perfect game was pitched and the team scored 17 runs. Game 2 a shut out was pitched and the team scored 11 runs. Game 3 pitchers held the opponent to 4 runs the hit a walk-off three-run in side the park home run for a 5-4 victory. To say the day was exciting is an understatement. Classmates from various teams came together as one and memories were made. Had an absolute blast.

Patsy Rowley

Our 8th grade team enjoyed playing together for the first time. Definitely gave them the exciting idea of playing together in high school. Thanks for organizing MSM!