MSM Dallas 7v7 Football Preregistration

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Why should you preregister? 
Preregistration helps us build the momentum we need to have the best event possible. When you sign up, others from your school will see this and it helps them sign up and then we build this snowball of #happyfootbal! Plus it's free and just takes 35 seconds.

MSM Testimonials:

Louis Bryant

My Son went into the tournament with an arm issue and told by Doctors to not throw for 2-3 weeks. Richard, the coach of the Roach team allowed him to participate and be a part of the team. Richard kept my Son involved by allowing him to bat but not take the Field. My Son was extremely pleased to be able to participate on a limited basis and learn from a strong coach.

Maria Olson

Kyle enjoyed getting to know some of the other baseball players at his middle school. As the parents commented, that is the core of our future high school team developing!!

Keegan Kibble

My son 100% loved this tournament. He was only able to participate in it 2x because he had an injury in 7th grade and wasn't able to participate. But being around all these different players from different schools in a relaxed atmosphere helped him play really well in the tournament. I saw smiles on all the kids faces and the most memorable thing i saw was when the pitcher on the opposing team was warming up, ALL the boys gathered and were laughing and talking to each other because they all knew each other. Wonderful tournament