We are testing the idea of  Baseball Tourney for 'Rising or Incoming Freshman' aligned by Highschool!
The same fun MSM vibe but a great chance to play with and get a preview of whats to come in High School!

Sign up below to express your interest and we will start figuring this thing out if we have enough interest. We know a lot of schools have summer teams. This event would be a GREAT place to kick that off as well.

As of 5/16 8am - 138 Players from 67 Schools Have Pre Registered!

MSM Testimonials:

Louis Bryant

My Son went into the tournament with an arm issue and told by Doctors to not throw for 2-3 weeks. Richard, the coach of the Roach team allowed him to participate and be a part of the team. Richard kept my Son involved by allowing him to bat but not take the Field. My Son was extremely pleased to be able to participate on a limited basis and learn from a strong coach.

Buffy Lester

My son had a GREAT time at the MSM this weekend! It was fun to see the boys come together and play as a team representing their school for the first time. The event was very organized and a good time was had by all!


Fun event!