We are testing the idea of  Baseball Tourney for 'Rising or Incoming Freshman' aligned by Highschool!
The same fun MSM vibe but a great chance to play with and get a preview of whats to come in High School!

Sign up below to express your interest and we will start figuring this thing out if we have enough interest. We know a lot of schools have summer teams. This event would be a GREAT place to kick that off as well.

MSM Testimonials:

Kaveh Meghdadpour

Great event! Lots of fun.

Billy Teague

The middle school matchup is a great idea. The boys have a great time getting to play with all the kids from there school. It’s great for all skill levels to just come out and have a good time with their friends. I wish at the end of it all the would take all the champions from each grade and division. Let them battle it out and see who is the top school. Thank you for putting on the tournament.

Traci Phillips

Son had a great time. Thanks MSM