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MSM Testimonials:

Trey McMasters

I like the idea of this event since boys that play baseball are not really able to play on a "school" team together until High School. This allows that opportunity and my son had a great experience.

Jay Yates

It's so much fun to get a group of boys together that are friends but never get to play baseball as a team. We've had a blast every year and love to hear the boys having so much fun in the dugout and in between games.

Candace Larkin

This was my sons first year playing, but he had so much fun! What could be more fun than playing your favorite sport with your friends, all weekend! Thank you MSM for offering such a fun event!

MSM Testimonials:

Marla Rice

MSM brought the boys together to get to know each other better and have great memories and so much fun!

Sarah Bowes

This was a fun, fantastic, beautiful weekend. The facilities were great, schedules were well done and the boys had a great time! Thank you Sarah

Tracey Burris

Our kiddos had the best time. They played against friends so of course that was the best! Our 6th graders that represented EMS-Creekview School took the Championship! Can’t wait for next year..