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MSM Testimonials:

Professionally run and perfect weather for it!

Karen Martin

My son had a great time. Even though he played with several boys he had never met before, he enjoyed the match up! Professionally run and perfect weather for it! We would definitely do it again!

Casey Bowers

Our team and their parents team can't wait to do it again next year! Most of the boys have been hanging out on their free time ever since. I think that was the point. Well done MSM!

Jamie De Voe

This was an amazing experience

MSM Testimonials:

Lysa Bufford

This is our 2nd year of participation and our son’s school 2nd runner up status. While cold, it was a blast seeing him play with and against his friends. Select baseball is serious business, but MSM allows for fun, silly competition!

Natalie Martin

I heard several boys day they had lots of fun and really enjoyed playing with various kids at various levels of baseball. It also opened the door for our son to see what other opportunities are out there with regards to playing with kids from different organizations, although they'll be going to the same middle school. Thanks!!

Robert Bowers

Great time for the boys