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MSM Testimonials:

Ashley York Ruff

I have twin 6th grade boys and they had a blast!!!!! This was such a great opportunity to get friends together to play as they usually are spread out on all different teams. So much fun!!!

Renee Reyna

Love MSM! It was our first time playing and we had so much fun. The MSM representative were super helpful and accommodating.

Gary Gray

I heard my son and other players say”this is the most fun I’ve had playing ball with my classmates “!

MSM Testimonials:

Michelle Killeen

What a great event! I highly recommend it!

Jim Lambert

This was a great opportunity for my son to meet and play with his future HS teammates. All the boys had a ball. It was great watching them having fun playing the game all of them love.

Robert Watson

Both of my boys have played high-level baseball for years. MSM is ALWAYS the tournament they look forward to the most every year. My older son literally had tears coming down his face after his last MSM. last fall There's no pressure... just playing the game they know how to play, and doing it with their friends. And absolutely trying to compete for their school.