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MSM Testimonials:

Susan Quattrin

My son was able to play his 6th grade & 8th grade year and had a blast playing with friends from school.

Chris Borchers

Our kids had such a great time playing together! We noticed the same with other teams, and had other coaches commenting to us how much fun our kids were having with each other. It didn't matter if we were winning or losing at the time - they just had an amazing time together!

David Grissom

Been playing MSM all through middle school. You guy’s always put on a great tournament and our son loves playing baseball with all his friends. Thanks again for another great season.

MSM Testimonials:

Jamie De Voe

This was an amazing experience


Fun event!

Antonio Cisneros

This event was phenomenal. It was well organized and well executed, and most of all, it's such a fun concept to be playing with kids from your neighborhood. Isaac told me "this is the most fun I have had playing baseball in a long time." As a parent, one cannot ask any more than that. Kudos, MSM.