Dallas, TX

7v7 Middle School Football Tourney
Early Spring 2020

 MSM is super excited to announce our newest sport offering, 7v7 Football!

 If you love our baseball events and have a multisport athlete or just want to give football a try in a super fast, fun and no contact way then 7v7 is for you. Have a blast and play with your pals from Middle School in the MSM's newest and first Football tournament in Texas!  Tell  your friends and preregister (free) below to learn more,  get access to early registration, and discounts!

Middle School Matchup 7v7 Football is Here!

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Below is our list of VIP Players for 7v7!
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Middle School
LandenAbernethy6thLewisville ISD-McKamy
JamisonAdams8thAnna ISD
SamuelAdams7thFrisco ISD-Trent
WillAdams7thKeller ISD-Keller Middle
CruzAlaniz7thPlano ISD-Armstrong
AaronAli6thFrisco ISD-Trent
BradyArmstrong7thRichardson ISD-Parkhill
ColeAttanasio7thFrisco ISD-Griffin
WyattBaccus7thBirdville ISD-North Ridge
JadenBaker7thPlano ISD-Armstrong
JesseBarron7thPlano ISD-Armstrong
JesseBarron7thPlano ISD-Armstrong
SethBenney6thLewisville ISD-McKamy
RomeoBerrios6thLewisville ISD-Lamar
LukeBillings7thProsper ISD-Rogers MS
BlakeBishop7thMckinney ISD-Dowell
JalenBlack7thDenton ISD-Crownover
BrockBoyd6thCarroll ISD-Durham
CadenBoyst6thPlano ISD-Renner
CasonBroom6th-School Not Listed-
LoganBrown6thKeller ISD-Bear Creek
JJBryant6thFrisco ISD-Pioneer
BrockBurkett6thKeller ISD-Bear Creek
CarsonCallaway6thLewisville ISD-McKamy
ColtonCandelaria7thFrisco ISD-Maus
NickCarey7thMckinney ISD-Dowell
ColtonClevenger6thLewisville ISD-McKamy
JamesCollins6thPlano ISD-Frankford
GraysonConnelly7thMckinney ISD-Dowell
LukeCornell7thKeller ISD-Keller Middle
CadenCox6thFrisco ISD-Pearson
JonnyCrowe6thKeller ISD-Bear Creek
CamdenCunningham8thDenton ISD-Myers
ConnorDavenport6thKeller ISD-Bear Creek
BodieDavis6thKeller ISD-Bear Creek
JaxonDeevers6thNorthwest ISD-Medlin
AntonioDi Battista7thMckinney ISD-Dowell
LandonDruyvesteyn6thKeller ISD-Timberview
ColeEason7thFrisco ISD-Staley
MatthewEchaniz6thFrisco ISD-Wester
NicholasEchaniz8thFrisco ISD-Wester
JacobEdwards6thCarroll ISD-Dawson
MattEllis7thFrisco ISD-Griffin
ChaseEminger6thAzle ISD-Azle
JCEngstrom7thNorthwest ISD-Tidwell
QuentinEnos8thKeller ISD-Timberview
DevinEnos6thKeller ISD-Timberview
millerfarris8thHighlandPark ISD-Highland Park MS
BrettFortune7thFrisco ISD-Pioneer
AaronFoster7thRichardson ISD-Parkhill
SeanFrank7thMckinney ISD-Dowell
JacksonGreenway6thFrisco ISD-Trent
DrewGullickson6thLewisville ISD-McKamy
LukeHamm7thKeller ISD-Keller Middle
PeterHampton7thRichardson ISD-Parkhill
HooperHarris6thProsper ISD-Rogers MS
E.J.Harshman7thKeller ISD-Keller Middle
ChaseHoyle7thMckinney ISD-Dowell
EthanHunt7thRichardson ISD-Parkhill
CashHurst7thCelina-Celina MS
BradyJanusek8th-School Not Listed-
JackJones6thCelina-Celina MS
HudsonJordan7thLewisville ISD-Creek Valley
GavinKemp7thDenton ISD-Crownover
RyderKing7thFrisco ISD-Hunt
ColeKoeninger6thKeller ISD-Bear Creek
JackKreusch7thRichardson ISD-Parkhill
ZaneKuzenski7thLovejoy ISD-Willow Springs
RyneLane7thKeller ISD-Timberview
TrentLankford7thFrisco ISD-Pearson
GrantLehman7thRichardson ISD-Parkhill
CarsonLesley6thKeller ISD-Bear Creek
HoltLindsey7thDenton ISD-Crownover
LandryLoftis6thPlano ISD-Frankford
ShaunaMarker8thDenton ISD-Myers
EvanMattingly6thFrisco ISD-Cobb
ChampMayo6thKeller ISD-Bear Creek
CarterMcColgan7thFrisco ISD-Griffin
JohnMcGahey7thMckinney ISD-Dowell
GavinMcKnight8thDenton ISD-Myers
BrockMeek6thKeller ISD-Bear Creek
JavierMejia7thPlano ISD-Armstrong
BostonMelson7thFrisco ISD-Griffin
RyderMooneyham6thNorthwest ISD-Wilson
LaneNavarre6thProsper ISD-Hays
AndrewNelson7thFrisco ISD-Griffin
KyleNill7thMckinney ISD-Dowell
OwenOpiola6thProsper ISD-Reynolds MS
BrandonOpiola8thFrisco ISD-Stafford
SujayPallana-Hartley6thPlano ISD-Schimelpfenig
McKenziePilcher6thPlano ISD-Hendrick
JaylenPile6thCarroll ISD-Durham
LukePrice7thMckinney ISD-Dowell
JackPrice7thMckinney ISD-Dowell
AndrewQuintana6thKeller ISD-Timberview
PrestonRapp6thFrisco ISD-Nelson
SenenReyes7thPlano ISD-Armstrong
RileyRichoux6thFrisco ISD-Maus
JakeRoberts7thMckinney ISD-Dowell
MatthewSanchez6thCelina-Celina MS
JayceSeaber7thLovejoy ISD-Willow Springs
JoriShapiro7thPlano ISD-Frankford
NicholasSmith6thFrisco ISD-Vandeventer
OseiiSmith8thProsper ISD-Reynolds MS
JustinSNYDER7thFrisco ISD-Pioneer
CooperSnyder8thFrisco ISD-Griffin
ArmaniSosa8thFrisco ISD-Stafford
DempseySpiegel7thFrisco ISD-Stafford
JackStank6thLewisville ISD-McKamy
AydenStone7thLake Dallas ISD-Lake Dallas
JillStrock7thMckinney ISD-Dowell
LoganSummers7thKeller ISD-Trinity Springs
TimmyTest7thBirdville ISD-North Ridge
TyThompson7thKeller ISD-Indian Springs Middle
CollinTran6thPlano ISD-Frankford
MíguelVarela7thKeller ISD-Indian Springs Middle
TimothyWaddell6thKeller ISD-Bear Creek
JarrettWaggoner7thArgyle ISD-Argyle MS
CadenWarner8thPlano ISD-Murphy
ChaceWilliams7thFrisco ISD-Staley

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Parents Love MSM

Kathy J. MSM Parent

This weekend wasn't about winning or losing....It was about playing MIDDLE SCHOOL BASEBALL!!!! It brought boys together that have never played together but showed what a passion for baseball can do. Thank you!!!!

Players Love MSM

I have played in nearly 1000 games now, all over America and I still think MSM was probably the most fun I have ever had playing baseball. Playing with the kids I grew up with was amazing. Even in high school we still talk about how fun (and crazy) our games were!

Jaxon H MSM Alumn

What is Middle School Matchup?

MSM is a unique weekend tournament for middle school baseball players in areas that do not have formal middle school teams. At MSM we align players by middle school, regardless of skill level, and give them the special chance to take a short break from their current team and play ball with the kids they have grown up with! Smiles and high-fives are guaranteed.