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MSM Testimonials:

Antonio Cisneros

This event was phenomenal. It was well organized and well executed, and most of all, it's such a fun concept to be playing with kids from your neighborhood. Isaac told me "this is the most fun I have had playing baseball in a long time." As a parent, one cannot ask any more than that. Kudos, MSM.

Lisa Montes

Had a great time and played competitive teams!

JP Kearney

This is our first year and we were astonished on how well put together this was. (Don't even worry about the emails at the beginning :) ) It was extremely smooth and I will recommend to anyone that will listen!

MSM Testimonials:

Josh Pittman

What a great experience! Our junior high was the first ever from our district to participate in MSM. It was worth it! The boys bonded quickly like they'd played with each other for years. As the tourney went along they grew closer together. What great lasting memories for the boys and the parents!!!

Susan Quattrin

My son was able to play his 6th grade & 8th grade year and had a blast playing with friends from school.

Dan Stillman

MSM was a great experience for both our 6th & 8th grade sons to play in. They both play select baseball and have played against their classmates in many tournaments but haven't had the opportunity to play on the same team. This gives them the chance to know how great it will be if they play high school baseball with the kids they see and talk to everyday and help build that bond on and off the field. We highly recommend giving your player the opportunity to play MSM whether they are playing travel or Little League Baseball, it's an experience they will never forget.