1 - General

What if we get rained out or have other bad weather?

Our tournament director is excellent and we will do our best to make games up during the week or find another weekend to play. With our unique format we do things a bit different than other normal tournaments. Other tournaments do not have to order shirts or mess with custom awards so early. Because of this, if by chance we can’t get this tournament to play there are no bad weather refunds. Again, we will do EVERYTHING we can to get the tournament completed.

I have a player that is home schooled. Can he play?

Maybe. It’s a similar question and answer to the private school question above. However, we recognize that home schooled kiddos do not have the baseball opportunity either so if there is an opportunity where a home schooled student/athlete can really help a team out or if there is room go ahead and contact us. (no funny business or ringers please)

Is this run by or affiliated with the city or any other baseball league?

Nope. We are a completely independent event.

Local leagues are great supporters of the event but there is no official relation between us or any league. We love their support and all they do for the baseball community.

Run by the city? No – We are not affiliated with any city either…although they always do their best to support us! It’s not uncommon to say mayors come by…they love the community feeling this tournament brings.

Part of a larger sports organization like USSSA – not at all.

Is this run by the Schools?

Nope. We have gotten permission from some schools to put up signs to recruit but we are not affiliated with any school district at all. We do appreciate any support they can give us though.

When/Where is this tournament

For Dallas:

The check in party is November 8th 5-9pm in Frisco. This is where you will check in with your team, get id’s checked, get your MSM Swag bag and take part in the HR derby if you signed up. We have special guests, DJ, Food Trucks…it’s going to be cool!

HR Derby qualifiers will start around 1pm

The Tournament is November 13th-15th

Games will be held in Frisco, McKinney, and Surrounding areas.