How are teams formed?

Timestamp is everything!

Most of the hard stuff comes when you have two teams in one grade. That is still just a small portion of the teams but it does need to be addressed.

The following is a very high-level view of how teams will be formed. A detailed documentary will be coming out soon 😄

MSM Terms
School Pure – A Team with 9 or more from same school
Two-Team – A school/grade with enough for two teams
Combo Team – When you have 3 or more we combo you up with a school.
Free Agent – a player form a school that could not form a team. Has a chance to still backfill a team like a pick up game.

9 Players – 13 Players – we build a team just like normal. School Pure

13+ Players – we start building team two. The first 13 by timestamp are given spots. We try like crazy to build two teams with the remainder.
18+– Two teams, divided by timestamp. There is no longer a talent consideration. People were gaming the system. The timestamp is true and irrefutable what someone puts on the registration form isn’t.***
If we can’t get two teams, the ones on the bubble will be dropped or offered to play on a combo team if available.

Two Teams Last Year – if the same players register we do our best to keep them together.

Two Teams Last Year – But not enough for two this year – It’s timestamp like the normal 13+ players scenario above. This one can hurt… a lot.

4-7 Players – Combo Team (you still wear team colors)

1-3 Players – Can be a free agent, or may be able to play you in a creative way (playing up) but most likely a refund.

-Team MSM reserves the right to build teams how we see fit and will sometimes make exceptions to the guidelines above.

-Team MSM builds teams before coaches are even contacted. There is no coach input – promise. It’s just a couple of guys in a war room building 200+ teams.

-We can’t do friend requests. You can try to register side by side though and get similar timestamps.

-If two team school – sometimes coaches can swap players with TD approval (of course parent approval).

** if you want to attempt to line up a more talented team you can attempt this by registering at the roughly the same time. We call this the ‘Prosper Special’ from 2014. 🙂 It can backfire though.

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