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MSM Testimonials:

Amy Peters

What I love most about MSM is that you have players from ALL levels playing together. It’s about school friends playing baseball together, who otherwise may never get the chance. Our coach never sits anyone, no matter what their skill level is, they ALL play, every game. It’s what MSM should be about!

Heather Bordner-Ayyob

My children had an amazing time, thank you!

Janibel Delgado

It was a memorable weekend with new friends. Kids has the great experience representing their school playing baseball.

MSM Testimonials:

Louis Bryant

My Son went into the tournament with an arm issue and told by Doctors to not throw for 2-3 weeks. Richard, the coach of the Roach team allowed him to participate and be a part of the team. Richard kept my Son involved by allowing him to bat but not take the Field. My Son was extremely pleased to be able to participate on a limited basis and learn from a strong coach.

Christy Smitherman

It's so much fun to see school buddies get the chance to play together! One of my favorite tourneys of the year.

Morgan Stone

This tournament is creating some of the best memories for these boys. They approach the weekend and the plate with a huge smile on their faces.