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MSM Testimonials:

Patsy Rowley

Our 8th grade team enjoyed playing together for the first time. Definitely gave them the exciting idea of playing together in high school. Thanks for organizing MSM!

Paula Russ

This was a great experience for my 8th grader. He has not played baseball for 2 years and he loved that he could play in a tournament with all his friends. He had a blast!

Carlos Sanchez

It was a great experience to play this tournament and see my son playing with his friends from school.

MSM Testimonials:

Kim Reid

What a great experience for these boys! Thank you for putting this program together!

Bill Lavrinovich

This was our second year playing in MSM and me coaching our MSM teams. Last year was great as it was a new experience. This year was even better as we kind of knew what to expect which allowed us to focus more on just having fun. We had great competition, fantastic fields and awesome umpires the entire weekend. Can't wait for MSM next year, although it will be our last I am sure it will be our best year of all.

Steve Burton

The excitement of Middle School Matchup has intensified from year to year and the boys can't wait to play one more time before they start High School. MSM is truly a #happybaseball event.