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houston, TX

summer smash

08/7/2021 - 08/8/2021


Event Info




When: 08/07/2021 08/08/2021
Where: TBA
Registration Open


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❓ FAQs are Here
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Middle School Matchup is pretty unique. Here are couple of graphics to get you started.  If you are brand new to MSM we suggest grabbing our new player info packet by clicking the link below.

We form teams, just for one weekend, based on what school and grade you attend! We put you in a school jersey and then you go out and have a total blast playing the game you love with the pals you grew up with.



Here are the Team Counts

Click Here

Here are your MSM Teams & Players!

AdamHollasHumble ISD-Riverwood
AdanVenzorKaty ISD-Katy
AidenGriffinHumble ISD-Creekwood
AlfonsoCollinsKaty ISD-Cinco Ranch
AndresMedinaHumble ISD-Creekwood
AndrewMedlockKaty ISD-Tays
AnthonySvedaHumble ISD-Riverwood
AnthonyGarciaHumble ISD-Ross Sterling
ArmanOrtizKaty isd-Stockdick Junior High
AvryCordellHuffman ISD-Huffman Middle
BerkleySpillerHuffman ISD-Huffman Middle
BlakeFloresKaty ISD-Adams
BlakeRudbergKaty ISD-Beckendorff
BodeSolmoseKaty ISD-Adams
BradenMcLaurinHumble ISD-Creekwood
BradenPinoKaty ISD-Adams
BraelenReedHumble ISD-Creekwood
BraydenSefaraKaty ISD-Woodcreek
BraydenColeKlein ISD-Krimmel
BraydenMcPhailHumble ISD-West Lake
BraydenSanchezKaty ISD-Adams
BraydonWisenerHuffman ISD-Huffman Middle
BrettThompsonKaty ISD-Beckendorff
BrooksBarnesHumble ISD-Creekwood
BryanSixtKaty ISD-Beckendorff
BryceNixonHuffman ISD-Huffman Middle
CalebRitterKaty ISD-Woodcreek
CalebPavelHumble ISD-Riverwood
CalebParrishKaty ISD-Adams
CarsonCasellasHumble ISD-Riverwood
CarsonOglesbyKaty ISD-Adams
CarsonVarroKlein ISD-Krimmel
CharlieDyeHumble ISD-Creekwood
ChaseFosterKaty ISD-Beck
ChrisFalconeHumble ISD-Riverwood
ChrisEstepConroe ISD-Irons
Clark TerrellClarkHumble ISD-Creekwood
ColeBurgettKaty ISD-Adams
ColeHawkinsHumble ISD-Creekwood
ColtonGardnerCypressFairbanks ISD-Salyards
ColtonDalrympleKaty ISD-Adams
ColtonCockerhamKaty ISD-Adams
CorbinStowellHumble ISD-Atascocita
CristianWebsterCypressFairbanks ISD-Smith
DanielRudnyHumble ISD-Kingwood
DeanGerkeKaty isd-Stockdick Junior High
DylanMartinHuffman ISD-Huffman Middle
EliParrishKaty ISD-Adams
EmeryDowningKaty ISD-Adams
EthanPageHumble ISD-Riverwood
EthanGiapKlein ISD-Doerre
EthanRussellKaty ISD-Adams
FinnStevensHumble ISD-Riverwood
FintanGoretzkyKaty ISD-Cinco Ranch
FrancoCurciKaty ISD-Adams
GavinWomackHumble ISD-Riverwood
GavinSherryKaty ISD-Adams
GrahamMatlockKaty isd-Stockdick Junior High
GriffinByrdKaty ISD-Adams
HudsonStanleyHumble ISD-Creekwood
HunterMillerHuffman ISD-Huffman Middle
HunterBishopKaty ISD-Beck
JaceJohnstonHumble ISD-Riverwood
JackMarchitelloKaty ISD-Beckendorff
JackParkerHumble ISD-Creekwood
JackSimonHumble ISD-Riverwood
JacksonTheriotHumble ISD-Creekwood
JacksonGieseHumble ISD-Riverwood
JacksonWootenHumble ISD-Timberwood
JacksonRogersLamar ISD-Leaman Junior High
JacobOwensKaty ISD-Woodcreek
JacobGunnKaty ISD-Beckendorff
JacobHallConroe ISD-Irons
JacobWelshKaty ISD-Adams
JakeProvadaKaty ISD-Adams
JamesChurchKaty ISD-Adams
JamesWolbrechtKaty ISD-Adams
JavierJimenezHumble ISD-West Lake
JaxsonEspitiaHumble ISD-Riverwood
JaydenGonzalesHumble ISD-Atascocita
JaylenMedinaHumble ISD-Creekwood
JoaquinMooneyHumble ISD-Creekwood
JohnDolanHuffman ISD-Huffman Middle
JonPavlatosHumble ISD-Riverwood
JordanBattsHumble ISD-Atascocita
JoshuahAlvaradoHumble ISD-Riverwood
JuaquinOchsHumble ISD-West Lake
JudeBroussardKaty ISD-Beck
JudsonLegoudesHumble ISD-Riverwood
KevinKirkHumble ISD-Riverwood
KingstonNovichHumble ISD-Riverwood
KingstonHebertKaty ISD-Tays
KJDanielHuffman ISD-Huffman Middle
KortYarbroughHuffman ISD-Huffman Middle
KyleKirkHumble ISD-Riverwood
KyleZepedaKaty ISD-Tays
LandonFosterKaty ISD-Adams
LaneRummelHumble ISD-Creekwood
LaneReganKaty ISD-Cinco Ranch
LeoSpijkermanHumble ISD-Creekwood
LoganHorace -EscobedoCypressFairbanks ISD-Salyards
LucaCurciKaty ISD-Adams
LucasDeandaLamar ISD-Roberts
LuisSantosKaty ISD-Seven Lakes
LukeOlesenHumble ISD-Riverwood
LukeRodriguezConroe ISD-Irons
LukeLimbaughHumble ISD-Riverwood
MaddieJovanovicKaty ISD-Adams
MarkBoudreauKaty ISD-Beck
MasonBryantHumble ISD-Creekwood
MasonMeadHumble ISD-Riverwood
MasonHopkinsKaty ISD-Beck
MaxRomitoKaty ISD-Adams
MurrayHopcraftKaty ISD-Adams
NathanNehlsHumble ISD-Atascocita
NathanGrahamKaty ISD-Adams
NicholasMendozaHumble ISD-Creekwood
NicolasCollazoKaty ISD-Tays
NixonKovalcikKaty ISD-Adams
NoahGunnKaty ISD-Beckendorff
NoahCummingsHumble ISD-Creekwood
NolanOlsonKaty ISD-Adams
ParkerRogersConroe ISD-Moorhead
Player First NamePlayer Last NameMiddle School
PrestonWanglerKaty ISD-Adams
PrestonCartmillKaty ISD-Adams
PrestonVan HouseConroe ISD-Knox
ReeseDugasHumble ISD-Woodcreek
ReidBrianHumble ISD-Timberwood
Rudy ruijianTungKaty ISD-Roger and Ellen Beck
RyanGonzalesKaty ISD-Woodcreek
RyderMillerHuffman ISD-Huffman Middle
ScottBrownKaty ISD-Cinco Ranch
SethAlinieceKaty ISD-Adams
TaberSheltonKaty ISD-Adams
TobyWhiteHuffman ISD-Huffman Middle
TraedenRobinsonKaty ISD-Tays
TrentBelsonHumble ISD-Creekwood
TrippPruittHumble ISD-Creekwood
TuckerHessKaty ISD-Adams
TylerJohnsonKaty ISD-Adams
TylerPainterKaty ISD-West Memorial
WalkerKrygKaty ISD-Adams
ZacharyCasasHuffman ISD-Huffman Middle
ZacharyLambertHumble ISD-Riverwood






MSM Registration comes in a few options which include admission, jersey, other gear and a swag bag. Packages and prices will be listed soon.

What PLAYERS Like You Are Saying:

I’ve never had that much fun playing baseball

 The boys were smiling all day! When we got in the car, my son said, “That was awesome! I’ve never had that much fun playing baseball!” It was great seeing the boys meet new friends, connect with old friends & become teammates!

~ J. Reagan ~

What an amazing day. We Had an absolute blast

What an amazing day playing in Middle School Matchup. To say the day was exciting is an understatement. Classmates from various teams came together as one and memories were made. Had an absolute blast.

~ S McBryde ~

the best event out there even better than cooperstown.

Coaching for the last few years, never seen a team so pumped and excited to play as these middle school teams. Amazing event to see all the kids playing with classmates for the first time. It's the best event out there by far...yes, even Cooperstown.

~ L. Rodd ~

What is Middle School Matchup?

MSM is a unique weekend tournament for middle school baseball players in areas that do not have formal middle school teams. At MSM we align players by middle school, regardless of skill level, and give them the special chance to take a short break from their current team and play ball with the kids they have grown up with! Smiles and high-fives are guaranteed.

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