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MSM Testimonials:

Andrea Hern

MSM is our favorite tournament of the year. The kids have a blast playing with their school friends, but also get to see and compete against many other friends they have played with over the years. It is a well run tournament that all of us look forward too!

kristin pavle

The boys had a blast playing and loved sporting their game shirts and hoodies at school!

Tracey Burris

Our kiddos had the best time. They played against friends so of course that was the best! Our 6th graders that represented EMS-Creekview School took the Championship! Can’t wait for next year..

MSM Testimonials:

Jett Andrews

I had the opportunity to coach the MSM the last two years and it truly is an experience like no other in youth baseball! My son is a high level player and has played in top events all over the country, but some of his best baseball memories are playing with his buddies from school in the MSM! It’s a must play event if you have a middle schooler!


Our son had a great time at MSM! He met new friends that he will know when he starts middle school in the fall. I heard my player say, "I can't wait to play in the fall!" Thank you MSM for making this a fun experience!!!

Carli Allen

I heard my player say, “I wish this was the team I got to play with all the time.” My son loved the opportunity to get to play with his school classmates. Such a great bonding activity for the boys. It’s such a bummer middle schools don’t offer baseball when there are this many boys who want to play!