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MSM Testimonials:

Derrick Hodnett

This was the an outstanding weekend of family fun and some great baseball. My son plays AA and played for Staley Middle School and absolutely had the best time playing and representing the school. We talked for hours about he wonderful weekend and all of the talented teams. this is an event that should happen more often. Maybe a Spring Match Up. We would even be interested in a middle school mini season. The event was very well organized and well done. SUPER EXPERIENCE. THANK you so much. Please consider a Spring Match and a Mini Season.

Joel Stevens

After our last MSM tourney, our kids asked if they could make a select team and continue playing together.

Jamie De Voe

This was an amazing experience

MSM Testimonials:

Jan Murphy

What a great opportunity for kids to play with friends from school who they don't normally get to play with. My kids got the chance to play with kids they started playing baseball with years ago. Many kids take different paths in baseball but what a fun way to bring them back together for one weekend. Great memories for them.

Gabe Maranca

It was so much fun!!!

Amy Peters

What I love most about MSM is that you have players from ALL levels playing together. It’s about school friends playing baseball together, who otherwise may never get the chance. Our coach never sits anyone, no matter what their skill level is, they ALL play, every game. It’s what MSM should be about!