MSM Orlando Pre-registration

Awesome! Thank you for you for becoming an MSM VIP! Just fill out a couple fields below and we will put you first on the list to get early entry into the event and all the updates!

Why should you preregister? 
Preregistration helps us build the momentum we need to have the best event possible. When you sign up, others from your school will see this and it helps them sign up and then we build this snowball of #happybaseball! Plus it's free and just takes 35 seconds.

MSM Testimonials:

Collin King

Well run organization.

Antonio Cisneros

This event was phenomenal. It was well organized and well executed, and most of all, it's such a fun concept to be playing with kids from your neighborhood. Isaac told me "this is the most fun I have had playing baseball in a long time." As a parent, one cannot ask any more than that. Kudos, MSM.

Juan Salomon

Great event. Kid had a great time playing with class mates he would normally play against. Can’t wait for next year