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Shane Adams

Great experience for the boys and their middle school. Fields, umpires, staff and vendors were great! My son had a blast and is excited for the next MSM tournament.

Janibel Delgado

It was a memorable weekend with new friends. Kids has the great experience representing their school playing baseball.

Jessica VanMersbergen

What a great camp! My son said he loved the time with college coaches. The recruiting info sessions were great. The coaches were so patient and made the players and parents feel valued.

Lysa Bufford

This is our 2nd year of participation and our son’s school 2nd runner up status. While cold, it was a blast seeing him play with and against his friends. Select baseball is serious business, but MSM allows for fun, silly competition!

Jill Reagan

My 6th grade son, Cade, had a blast at both the summer & fall MSM tourneys! Thanks for putting together this awesome opportunity! I heard Cade say many times “This is so much fun!” There were smiles all around, evidence that it truly is #happybaseball!

Lori McCaghren

Our daughter attended the hitting camp and had a great time, learned a new drill and for first time had her power off the bat timed. She already knew she could hit the ball hard, but when she was able to attach a number to it her confidence was boosted even more. As parents, we really loved hearing directly from scouts. Hearing what they look for confirmed the things we are doing right and will help us avoid doing things in the future that may automatically disqualify our player. Loved the tips about what NOT to spend money on as we are trying to promote our players to colleges and universities.

Greg Burmeister

Great event and saw some wonderful softball this weekend. Would love to see it expand even more next year.

Ginger Anderson

It was such a fun weekend to watch these classmates have the opportunity to play together and come away as the MSM Champions!! MSM was well organized and the umps were great! We look forward to playing again!

Marla Claffey

Great concept and lots of fun!