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Josh Dey

The team building was excellent! It was great to see a group of kids who donโ€™t know each other well come together and work hard, cheering for everyone. It was great that kids of all skill levels were able to come together, contribute, and have a great time.

David Sumrall

My is in 6th grade and younger then his school classmates. Most of them play a year older then he does in local baseball. He loved being able to finally be able to play on a real team with his buddies and had a blast.

Shane Adams

Great experience for the boys and their middle school. Fields, umpires, staff and vendors were great! My son had a blast and is excited for the next MSM tournament.

Sarah Bowes

This was a fun, fantastic, beautiful weekend. The facilities were great, schedules were well done and the boys had a great time! Thank you Sarah

Bob Gleason

The 8th grade players on the Rogers Middle school in Prosper said they had a lot of fun but wish they had one more shot at a championship in the spring. Hopefully MSM can work it out and give all the 8th graders in the metroplex one more tournament. Personally I am thankful for allowing the kids an opportunity to play with their classmates before high school. They had a blast!


Phenomenal event. What a great idea.

Adrian chavez

It was a great opportunity to play more baseball once the regular season it's over plus a positive way to interact with classmates from his middle schoo,..gran evento

Becky Froehle

We are so thankful MSM was able to pull off this fantastic tourney with all of the weather challenges! This was our favorite year yet because we had 2 bots playing! Thank you MSM for a blast!

Maria Olson

Kyle enjoyed getting to know some of the other baseball players at his middle school. As the parents commented, that is the core of our future high school team developing!!