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Linda Mcmillan

My son loved playing with the kids from his school! Great event!

Michele Tapp

This is my son's second year to participate in MSM! Once again it was an absolute blast. Logan said to me after the second game, "There is nothing more fun than looking up and seeing all my best friends playing our favorite sport all together". We can't wait til next year. Go Gators!

Joe Escobar

I heard my player said he loved playing with kids from his school and from different teams. Over the past two years he has made more friends and has started to look forward to playing in the tournement every year.

Jema K.H. Cook

My son enjoyed being able to play with his classmates! He even made a few new friends. The facilities were great and very family friendly! Thanks for the opportunity to participate!

Mike Gullo

The boys had a blast playing together with their school mates. I watched the boys bond closer together as each game went on. They all wore their jerseys to school on Monday and were high-fiveing each other in the hallway. Great experience for the players, coaches, and parents throughout the weekend. We can't wait to do it again next year!

Jamie De Voe

This was an amazing experience

Marla Claffey

Great concept and lots of fun!

Bethany Golofit

This was so much playing with kids from my school who I don't play with on my Select Team!

Kara Harvey

We really enjoyed the MSM! It was a relaxing and fun change from our regular tournament play .