Spring 2017 | Jacksonvile Area Fields

Middle School Matchup is excited to bring  the super popular, most anticipated youth baseball event in Texas to the Jaclsonville area! Looking forward to new schools and incredible event in 2017.

Official Registration is Not Open Yet - But its important to get on our VIP list so you can get early access and we can start forecasting teams.
(No Obligation or Credit Card Needed)

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Teams Are Forming Now

The following schools are forming teams now! Get the ball rolling for your school today by signing up on the VIP list and start spreading the word to form a full team.

Player First Name
Player Last Name
Middle School
GusAbramowitz 7thAustin-Kealing MS
BryceAlexander8thRound Rock-Walsh
BryceAlexander8thRound Rock-Walsh
CadeAlgaier7thRound Rock-Walsh
Dominic Alvarado 7thPflugerville-Kelly Lane
KeatonAlves7thGeorgetown ISD
Zachary Anderson8thPflugerville ISD-Cele
Payton Andreassen8thRound Rock - Hernandez
AshtonAndreassen8thRound Rock - Hernandez
RhennAndrewartha7thRound Rock-Walsh
RhennAndrewartha 7thRound Rock-Walsh
CharlesArnold7thLeander ISD-Running Brushy
NoahAyala8thRound Rock ISD-Ridgeview
JustinBaker8thRound Rock-Ridgeview
GarrettBanks8thRound Rock-Cedar Valley
Connor Barton8thAustin-Small
GavinBaylor8thAustin-Westview MS
MiguelBenavente7thLeander ISD-Leander
NathanBergman8thLeander ISD-Stiles
Luke Berryhill7thLeander ISD-Wiley
JosephBetz7thRound Rock-Hopewell
JasonBlankenship6thAustin-West Ridge
KaydenBradford6thPflugerville ISD-Cele
RyanBretzke7thRound Rock - Meridian
AidenBrink7thLeander ISD-Wiley
AricBryda6thAustin ISD-Small
BradyBurlison7th-School Not Listed-
Benjamin Cameron8thPflugerville-Park Crest
MarioCasarez7th-School Not Listed-
Cameron CarrilloChris7thAustin ISD-Murchison
TristanCiechanowicz6thDripping Springs ISD-Sycamore Springs
JulianCohen8thRound Rock-Hopewell
Patrick Collopy 8thAustin-Gorzycki
AlexanderCovar6thRound Rock ISD-Pearson Ranch
BrandonCreek7thRound Rock-Hopewell
NolanCruz-Aedo8thPflugerville ISD-Kelly Lane
HamptonCulin8thLeander ISD-Four Points Middle
NicolasDe Bree7th-School Not Listed-
GarrettDeVaney8thRound Rock ISD-Cedar Valley
LucasDeVaney8thRound Rock ISD-Cedar Valley
BrooksDieringer8thRound Rock - Meridian
GrahamDuncan7thRound Rock ISD-Ridgeview
NicholasDunch7thRound Rock ISD-Walsh
AlejandroEsparza7thRound Rock-Ridgeview
StephenFerguson7thDel Valle-Del Valle MS
ElijahFlitton8thHutto ISD-Farley
Ezekiel "Zeke"Flores7thManor MS
CarsonFrezon8thSpicewood-Lake Travis MS
Ezven Galarraga8thAustin-Gorzycki
AdynGarcia7thPflugerville ISD-Park Crest
ShaddixGavin8thLeander ISD-Canyon Ridge
ZacharyGayman8thRound Rock-Walsh
PJGillispie8thRound Rock-Chisholm Trail
RacerGobel7thRound Rock ISD-Walsh
TrajanGodbee6thRound Rock ISD-Walsh
DevynGonzales 8thLeander-Stiles
AlejandroGonzalez6thRound Rock ISD-Hopewell
ChristopherGonzalez7thRound Rock ISD-Pearson Ranch
LandonGrimes6thRound Rock - Meridian World School
Jacob Guerra7thLake Travis
ChristianGutierrez7thLeander ISD-Henry
AydanGuzman8thLeander ISD-Running Brushy
DylanHamilton8thLake Travis ISD-Lake Travis
jacksonharrell7thLeander ISD-Henry
JacksonHarrell7thCedar Park-Henry
Bryce Hawa8thUnion Grove
MatthewHeald7thLeander ISD-Running Brushy
AshtonHodde7thLeander ISD-Wiley
BobbyHolland7thRound Rock ISD-Pearson Ranch
WillHubbell7thLake Travis
CarterHughes6thRound Rock ISD-Chisholm Trail
TannerJackson7thRound Rock-Walsh
WoodJacob7thSpicewood-Lake Travis MS
Landon LouisJenny7thRound Rock-Walsh
JettJohnico6thPflugerville ISD-Cele
DarrellJohnson6thRound Rock ISD-Cedar Valley
BrysonJones6thHutto ISD-Farley
AlanJordan8thLeander ISD-Canyon Ridge
Austin Keith7thHutto ISD-Farley
Noah Kennedy8thAustin-Kealing MS
Garrett Kinnison8thLeander ISD-Wiley
BenKolecki8thLeander ISD-Four Points Middle
JordanKomorn6thLeander ISD-Wiley
CampbellKrzywonski8thLeander ISD-Wiley
Campbell Krzywonski 7thLeander ISD-Wiley
AlejandroLandaverde8thRound Rock-Hopewell
EliLavas7thRound Rock-Walsh
Nicolas Lechler7thPflugerville-Kelly Lane
HudsonLilie8thLeander ISD-Canyon Ridge
BenLongoria7th-School Not Listed-
BenjaminLongoria7thAustin-West Ridge
JulianLopez8thLeander ISD-Four Points Middle
Jonathen EspadasLori Medina8thAustin-Fulmore
ZacharyLucas7thPflugerville-Park Crest
JacksonLuhrs8thLeander ISD-Canyon Ridge
RyanMartin6thRound Rock ISD-Pearson Ranch
BlakeMartindz7thPflugerville-Kelly Lane
BlakeMartinez7thPflugerville-Kelly Lane
IsaacMcConnell7thAustin ISD-Murchison
CaldwellMCFADDINMCFADDIN7thLake Travis ISD-Lake Travis
LaytonMogford6th-School Not Listed-
Sebastian Montiel7thBuda-Dahlstrom
MarcoMorales8th-School Not Listed-
WillMoran8thRound Rock ISD-Cedar Valley
NikolasMorin7thRound Rock-Hopewell
LukasMorin8thRound Rock-Hopewell
BrandonMorio7thRound Rock-Cedar Valley
JamesMorio7thRound Rock-Cedar Valley
JacksonMutscher7thRound Rock ISD-Walsh
Elijah Nava8thAustin-Small
LoganNiederhauser7thGeorgetown ISD-Tippit
MilamNoffke8thRound Rock ISD-Walsh
DiegoOlivas6thRound Rock ISD-Ridgeview
CaydenOpiola8thLake Travis
EliOverstreet8thAustin ISD-Small
PeytonOwen8thRound Rock - Hopewell
RishiPatel7thRound Rock ISD-Canyon Vista
DevinPetry6thRound Rock-Walsh
IsaacPettigrew7thJarrell ISD-Jarrell MS
RileyPoulson7thRound Rock-Hopewell
Kai VuQuang(Tony) Vu6thBuda-Dahlstrom
JohnnyReyes6thRound Rock ISD-C. D. Fulkes
ColeRoberts7thLake Travis
AidenRogers6thGeorgetown ISD
JosephSandusky6thRound Rock ISD-Pearson Ranch
DillonShadowen7thRound Rock ISD-Canyon Vista
AustinSimon7thCedar Park ISD-Henry
JacksonSkorzewski6thHutto ISD-Farley
Logan Smith8thGranger ISD
ChanceSmith7thRound Rock-Chisholm Trail
MasonSmith7thLeander ISD-Wiley
Caden Sprague7thCedarPark-CedarPark
JackStavinoha8thLibertyHill-Liberty Hill Jr. High
WestonSteed7thLeander ISD-Wiley
TannerStradford 8thCedar Park-Henry
DJSwanson7thLeander ISD-Stiles
DylanSykes7thPflugerville ISD-Cele
LukeTaylor8th-School Not Listed-
CooperThaler8thGeorgetown ISD
HunterThompson7thHutto ISD-Farley
CharlieThompson7thRound Rock ISD-Cedar Valley
DiegoUrbaneja7thPflugerville-Park Crest
NoahVasquez7thRound Rock ISD-Cedar Valley
BrandonVasquez 8thRound Rock-Ridgeview
IvanVillegas7thRound Rock-Hopewell
JakeWagoner7thLeander ISD-Henry
MilesWallace7thRound Rock-Ridgeview
RipWhitney7thLeander ISD-Four Points Middle
JamesWilliams7thPflugerville-Park Crest
CJWillie6thAustin ISD-Lamar
Warrick Wilson 8thPflugerville-Kelly Lane
JacksonWolf8thCedar Park-Henry
KieWooldridge7thRound Rock ISD-Walsh
Adrian Ybarra 7thAustin-O.Henry
Justin Zimmerman 7thRound Rock-Walsh

Parents Love MSM

Kathy J. MSM Parent

This weekend wasn't about winning or losing....It was about playing MIDDLE SCHOOL BASEBALL!!!! It brought boys together that have never played together but showed what a passion for baseball can do. Thank you!!!!

Players Love MSM

I have played in nearly 1000 games now, all over America and I still think MSM was probably the most fun I have ever had playing baseball. Playing with the kids I grew up with was amazing. Even in high school we still talk about how fun (and crazy) our games were!

Jaxon H MSM Alumn

    What is Middle School Matchup?

    MSM is a unique weekend tournament for middle school baseball players in areas that do not have formal middle school teams. At MSM we align players by middle school, regardless of skill level, and give them the special chance to take a short break from their current team and play ball with the kids they have grown up with! Smiles and high-fives are guaranteed.