Learn How to play Middle School Baseball Even when Your School Doesn't Have a Team...

MSM is the modern version of The Sandlot - playing 'the kids game' with kids from your neighborhood and having the most fun you have ever had playing baseball...

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What MSM Is (and isn't)

How Middle School Matchup Works ✅

  • A tournament - a quick tournament that typically happens twice per year in your area.
  • Players register individually and MSM forms the teams.
  • You wear a school Jersey in school colors! (and other cool stuff)
  • Coaches volunteer - typically a parent
  • Yes, it really does work! We have had  more than 7,000 players participate in MSM. It's so popular that some teams sell out in minutes.
  • Fun! We have tons and tons of testimonials and a 98% player return rate. Some teams sell out in minutes.
  • A totally different vibe. It's all #happybaseball.  High fives, pals, and laughs. However, don't be fooled. It is still competitive on Sunday and champ teams are very good.

Middle School Matchup Is Not 🚫

  • A League - We are not a league. We are not trying to be a league. Just a quick tourney to do something you normally don't get a chance to. MSMers already play in their own leagues and select teams. You don't need another one.
  • A New Team - 100% of players in MSM currently play on teams. This is just a quick break for some fun. You don't leave your current team and we are not looking to replace your current team. :)
  • A typical tournament where a coach 'brings a team'. Players from your school sign up individually. We group the by middle school.
  • Filled with Drama or Politics - for just one weekend we try our best to get away from that stuff. 

What Parents Like You Are Saying:


Middle School Matchup is my favorite tournament of the year!

Christy Smitherman

MSM Parent


It was fun to see him play with the kids he goes to school with and friends with. I haven't seen him smile so much on the field

Cliff Dyer 
MSM Parent


We highly recommend giving your player the opportunity to play MSM whether they are playing travel or Little League Baseball, it's an experience they will never forget.

Julie H
MSM Parent

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