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February 2023

VIP registration IS NOW open!

Event Info



When: February 2023
Where: Frisco

Status: VIP Registration is open

  • VIP List Open -11/23/2022
  • Registration Open to VIPs - 
  • Registration Open to All- 
  • Registration Closed - 
  • Team Released - 
  • Schedule Released - 
  • Package Pickup - 
  • Pool Play Day - 
  • Bracket Day - 



WHY 7 on 7?

Why 7 on 7?

 7 on 7 is a non contact, fast paced, pass only football game. 7 on 7 football lets the athlete hone in on his skills and take them to the next all while having a great time with his friends in a backyard style football game.

In recent years the state of Texas has passed a law requiring soft shelled helmets on the field, making it all the safer for your kid to go out and play to the best of his/her abilities. In 7 on the 7 the offense will be placed on the 45 yard line and have 4 downs to receive a first down, there are only 2 first downs, if the offense scores they will have the option to go for 1 point from the 5 yard line or 2 points from the 10 yard line. The defense also has a chance to score for their team, interceptions equal 3 points and stopping the offense on downs equals 2.

All and all 7 on 7 is a great way for kids to get outside, play the game of football Texans love so dearly, have a great time with there classmates/friends, and even get some of the high school coaches to come out and take a look at the incoming freshman early.


players & SCHOOLS

MSM Team
TrinityShaw6th First Baptist Academy
MacEhlert6th First Baptist Academy
HarrisonHuscheck6th First Baptist Academy
LiamSivess6th First Baptist Academy
PiagetLeJeune6th First Baptist Academy
JadenGreen6th First Baptist Academy
WillSepulveda6th First Baptist Academy
DillonKelley6th First Baptist Academy
BenjaminOviedo6th First Baptist Academy
ReiterHellmuth6th First Baptist Academy
DrewSmith6th Frisco ISD-Griffin-Gold
DrewDennis6th Frisco ISD-Griffin-Gold
AustinAlonso6th Frisco ISD-Griffin-Gold
BrockBowman6th Frisco ISD-Griffin-Gold
CruzSechrist6th Frisco ISD-Griffin-Gold
KallenPotocki6th Frisco ISD-Griffin-Gold
BeauBaker6th Frisco ISD-Griffin-Gold
GavinNguyen6th Frisco ISD-Griffin-Gold
CameronEiman6th Frisco ISD-Griffin-Gold
CalebGorden6th Frisco ISD-Griffin-Green
GriffinOtwell6th Frisco ISD-Griffin-Green
BradenO'Keefe6th Frisco ISD-Griffin-Green
EliMorris6th Frisco ISD-Griffin-Green
BentleyTurman6th Frisco ISD-Griffin-Green
SmithChandler6th Frisco ISD-Griffin-Green
BradyPelt6th Frisco ISD-Griffin-Green
JackPerkins6th Frisco ISD-Pearson
TurnerGoldsberry6th Frisco ISD-Pearson
BradyBush6th Frisco ISD-Pearson
HaydenCorley6th Frisco ISD-Pearson
NateJones6th Frisco ISD-Pearson
DaneErvin6th Frisco ISD-Pearson
JackWalker6th Frisco ISD-Pearson
KasonCowan6th Frisco ISD-Pearson
BraydenLittle6th Frisco ISD-Pearson
VincentFox6th Frisco ISD-Pearson
MatthewRomero6th Frisco ISD-Pioneer
JacksonHarn6th Frisco ISD-Pioneer
LayneHewitt6th Frisco ISD-Pioneer
AlverDunbar6th Frisco ISD-Pioneer
CameronCornett6th Frisco ISD-Pioneer
GrantOwens6th Frisco ISD-Pioneer
ConnorChapman6th Frisco ISD-Pioneer
KeaganGallagher6th Frisco ISD-Pioneer
CruzClaytor6th Frisco ISD-Pioneer
MiloWilliams6th Frisco ISD-Trent-Red
JackAllred6th Frisco ISD-Trent-Red
DashHovind6th Frisco ISD-Trent-Red
CooperRodriguez6th Frisco ISD-Trent-Red
EthanPagoria6th Frisco ISD-Trent-Red
RossTatarowicz6th Frisco ISD-Trent-Red
ParkerRudd6th Frisco ISD-Trent-Red
BraydenFrost6th Frisco ISD-Trent-Red
ChaseDenson6th Frisco ISD-Trent-Red
KarterSoto6th Frisco ISD-Trent-White
ParksPrusak6th Frisco ISD-Trent-White
CooperMatijasevic6th Frisco ISD-Trent-White
GrantButler6th Frisco ISD-Trent-White
DetrinBaker6th Frisco ISD-Trent-White
RonanKirschner6th Frisco ISD-Trent-White
ColtonReynolds6th Frisco ISD-Trent-White
HaydnKress6th Frisco ISD-Trent-White
AustinHolcomb6th McKinney/Prosper Combo
CarterGrindstaff6th McKinney/Prosper Combo
PaxtonGarcia6th McKinney/Prosper Combo
JaseHowe6th McKinney/Prosper Combo
BrodyBratcher6th McKinney/Prosper Combo
TreyGant6th McKinney/Prosper Combo
WillFord6th McKinney/Prosper Combo
NoahPine6th Prosper ISD-Reynolds-Green
LandonHall6th Prosper ISD-Reynolds-Green
JamesonRyzner6th Prosper ISD-Reynolds-Green
AlekTrampas6th Prosper ISD-Reynolds-Green
HudsonDorran6th Prosper ISD-Reynolds-Green
DawsonHeimbuch6th Prosper ISD-Reynolds-Green
CooperBraden6th Prosper ISD-Reynolds-Green
BraxtonDodson6th Prosper ISD-Reynolds-Green
JohnDossman6th Prosper ISD-Reynolds-Green
ClayKeefe6th Prosper ISD-Reynolds-White
LoganCummings6th Prosper ISD-Reynolds-White
CadeGroves6th Prosper ISD-Reynolds-White
RykerKahooilihala6th Prosper ISD-Reynolds-White
DylanCahill6th Prosper ISD-Reynolds-White
MacArthurChism6th Prosper ISD-Reynolds-White
LandonSolimando6th Prosper ISD-Reynolds-White
AustinDraper6th Prosper ISD-Reynolds-White
JacksonMeade6th Prosper ISD-Reynolds-White
ColtonBrewster6th Prosper ISD-Reynolds-White
MichaelBirdow7th Arlington ISD-Young
TrevorPendergraft7th Arlington ISD-Young
NathanSmith7th Arlington ISD-Young
JaxsonBryson7th Arlington ISD-Young
FinnCupps-Webster7th Arlington ISD-Young
JamarionEvans-Patterson7th Arlington ISD-Young
TyIngram7th Arlington ISD-Young
BrandynFloyd7th Arlington ISD-Young
HadenFisher7th Arlington ISD-Young
BrodySchramek7th Frisco ISD-Fowler
EthanChicoye7th Frisco ISD-Fowler
RyanLee7th Frisco ISD-Fowler
HayesWilson7th Frisco ISD-Fowler
AngeloGibson7th Frisco ISD-Fowler
JaydenBarr7th Frisco ISD-Fowler
MilesWilson7th Frisco ISD-Fowler
HaroonZaki7th Frisco ISD-Fowler
MylesMcClain7th Frisco ISD-Fowler
TrevorDennis7th Frisco ISD-Griffin
AustinNelson7th Frisco ISD-Griffin
MajorSmith7th Frisco ISD-Griffin
BeckettBryant7th Frisco ISD-Griffin
TrevinGleason7th Frisco ISD-Griffin
RohanParikh7th Frisco ISD-Griffin
BeckhamWilson7th Frisco ISD-Griffin
BrooksWinter7th Frisco ISD-Griffin
JackLacy7th Frisco ISD-Griffin
WalkerWoodyard7th Frisco ISD-Griffin
KohenRouse7th Frisco ISD-Griffin
AdrianSykes7th Frisco ISD-Griffin
LiamAlmand7th Frisco ISD-Wester
EliTurley7th Frisco ISD-Wester
AlexPollard7th Frisco ISD-Wester
ParkerHallowell7th Frisco ISD-Wester
ReeceTarczon7th Frisco ISD-Wester
Landon Luhrs7th Frisco ISD-Wester
KasenCox7th Frisco ISD-Wester
ChrisChang7th Frisco ISD-Wester
LoganGrace7th Frisco ISD-Wester
JoshuaBlakeman7th Mckinney ISD-Dowell
NixonSlaughter7th Mckinney ISD-Dowell
CadeMalinowski7th Mckinney ISD-Dowell
JamesPalmer7th Mckinney ISD-Dowell
BryceJohnson7th Mckinney ISD-Dowell
AdrianGarcia7th Mckinney ISD-Dowell
SmithShull7th Mckinney ISD-Dowell
JamesTalbott7th Mckinney ISD-Dowell
AydenLockhart8th Argyle ISD-Argyle
BrodyBlack8th Argyle ISD-Argyle
BlakeDurham8th Argyle ISD-Argyle
CalebCombs8th Argyle ISD-Argyle
JacksonFitzgerald8th Argyle ISD-Argyle
JackGomez8th Argyle ISD-Argyle
JackSnakenberg8th Argyle ISD-Argyle
CasenCapper8th Argyle ISD-Argyle
TJBoutland8th Argyle ISD-Argyle
TrotJordan8th Argyle ISD-Argyle
LiamLadd8th Argyle ISD-Argyle
Micahde Leon8th Argyle ISD-Argyle
TrystenShaw8th First Baptist Academy
TierneyShaw8th First Baptist Academy
GeorgeAnagnostis8th First Baptist Academy
EthanPerkins8th First Baptist Academy
NicholasPayne8th First Baptist Academy
TuckerBrown8th First Baptist Academy
KevinGleason8th First Baptist Academy
MatthewOviedo8th First Baptist Academy
DanielMathews8th First Baptist Academy
DallasPreston8th Frisco ISD-Cobb
IanWillis8th Frisco ISD-Cobb
AusdynKahouch8th Frisco ISD-Cobb
EdwardSelig8th Frisco ISD-Cobb
AidanSchell8th Frisco ISD-Cobb
IsaacAlcala8th Frisco ISD-Cobb
TreyDavis8th Frisco ISD-Cobb
JacksonCyr8th Frisco ISD-Cobb
DanielRedman8th Frisco ISD-Cobb
JadenBourque8th Frisco ISD-Cobb
MaxOtwell8th Frisco ISD-Griffin
WilliamHayward8th Frisco ISD-Griffin
LawsonVacek8th Frisco ISD-Griffin
CantonCotton8th Frisco ISD-Griffin
GabeMinsky8th Frisco ISD-Griffin
IanWilliams8th Frisco ISD-Griffin
LukeMcGilligan8th Frisco ISD-Griffin
JakeParrott8th Frisco ISD-Griffin
BrennanBaze8th Frisco ISD-Griffin
BraydonWinter8th Frisco ISD-Griffin
JaydonLe8th Frisco ISD-Lawler
PennCross8th Frisco ISD-Lawler
GatesShaw8th Frisco ISD-Lawler
GavinGarza8th Frisco ISD-Lawler
TaidenJones8th Frisco ISD-Lawler
DaveTaffo8th Frisco ISD-Lawler
DinoAntovoni8th Frisco ISD-Lawler
EnzoAntovoni8th Frisco ISD-Lawler
LincolnHarn8th Frisco ISD-Pioneer
AustinLuegl8th Frisco ISD-Pioneer
BraykerBastian8th Frisco ISD-Pioneer
ArmandoSoto III8th Frisco ISD-Pioneer
BenFrancis8th Frisco ISD-Pioneer
NicoRamos8th Frisco ISD-Pioneer
AlfredBarton IV8th Frisco ISD-Pioneer
MasonMcGrath8th Frisco ISD-Pioneer
MylesLashley8th Frisco ISD-Pioneer
ColtonLundquist8th Frisco ISD-Pioneer
BrendanStephens8th Frisco ISD-Wester
FranciscoMondragon8th Frisco ISD-Wester
EthanNelson8th Frisco ISD-Wester
RyanHays8th Frisco ISD-Wester
KyeEdwards8th Frisco ISD-Wester
DavonBenson8th Frisco ISD-Wester
CanbekKaya8th Frisco ISD-Wester
AnthonyRivera8th Frisco ISD-Wester
IsaacGuerrero8th Kaufman ISD-Norman
GuillermoLanda8th Kaufman ISD-Norman
AdrianOrdonez8th Kaufman ISD-Norman
AndersonPenney8th Kaufman ISD-Norman
RubenBelmarez8th Kaufman ISD-Norman
justizprox8th Kaufman ISD-Norman
CollinWilliams8th Northwest ISD-Medlin
BlakeBaker8th Northwest ISD-Medlin
CodyBowman8th Northwest ISD-Medlin
DallasMartinez8th Northwest ISD-Medlin
TuckerTurner8th Northwest ISD-Medlin
ColtonWaddle8th Northwest ISD-Medlin
KensonButh8th Northwest ISD-Medlin
BradenSchleifer-Bell8th Prosper ISD-Reynolds
ElliottBrown8th Prosper ISD-Reynolds
JacksonParker8th Prosper ISD-Reynolds
ColenPerry8th Prosper ISD-Reynolds
NathanHaines8th Prosper ISD-Reynolds
FahdAllan8th Prosper ISD-Reynolds
Keagandawson8th Prosper ISD-Reynolds
ChristopherHatch8th Prosper ISD-Reynolds
NicholasTENBARGE8th Prosper ISD-Rogers
MichaelHauser8th Prosper ISD-Rogers
AshtonGosselin8th Prosper ISD-Rogers
WillMcWard8th Prosper ISD-Rogers
TonySchumacher8th Prosper ISD-Rogers
KadenKeith8th Prosper ISD-Rogers
AlekHatcher8th Prosper ISD-Rogers
HaydenCooley8th Prosper ISD-Rogers
CaysonMaupin8th Sunnyvale ISD-Sunnyvale
GraysonSmith8th Sunnyvale ISD-Sunnyvale
LoganLong8th Sunnyvale ISD-Sunnyvale
HudsonLeonard8th Sunnyvale ISD-Sunnyvale
JakeIvy8th Sunnyvale ISD-Sunnyvale
ElijahGillespie8th Sunnyvale ISD-Sunnyvale
BraidenWeed8th Sunnyvale ISD-Sunnyvale
BrandonWright8th Sunnyvale ISD-Sunnyvale
AidenGarcia8th Sunnyvale ISD-Sunnyvale
TristanCampos8th Sunnyvale ISD-Sunnyvale
Player First NamePlayer Last NameMSM Team



Package 1 - $105

Package 2 - $150

What PLAYERS Like You Are Saying:

It was a great experience

Our son and team had a great time playing football all weekend. It was a great experience and look forward to doing it again.

~ T. Mills ~

msm football was so fun

MSM football was so fun. We got to play so many different teams and have fun with my friends! I can’t wait until next year!

~ D. Redman ~

we look forward to doing it again

Our kids had so much fun. The MSM was very organized and put together. I loved the app that was used to manage the bracket and score. We look forward to doing it again!!

~ Lidia Y. ~


What is Middle School Matchup?

MSM is a unique weekend tournament for middle school players in areas that do not have formal middle school teams. At MSM we align players by middle school, regardless of skill level, and give them the special chance to take a short break from their current team and play ball with the kids they have grown up with! Smiles and high-fives are guaranteed.

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