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Is a MSM Franchise right for you? Learn how you can impact thousands of players, have a ton of fun and make a great income in just ONE OR TWO WEEKENDS a Year!

Want to Jump In the Booming Youth Sports Industry?

Imagine being in the business of making kids smile! Now imagine the vehicle to those smiles is a sport you! Now, finally imagine building a profitable, easy to run business, that does all of that and more! We make owning a sports business super easy. In fact, thanks to our easy to use systems, frameworks and tech you can start out with little to no business experience before morphing into a full-on sports entrepreneur.

Our franchise model provides sports entrepreneurs with a business that generates reliable revenue (in as little as one weekend a year), ongoing business support and turnkey systems that will allow you to hit the ground running right away.

Middle School Matchup is now offering you the opportunity to join its franchisee family and bring MSM to your city, area, or region. You can now become a part of this unique, fun and dynamic business model that includes the following highlights:

  • Low start up costs, almost zero overhead, and zero staffing required. In fact most expenses do not come due until you have generated revenue already.
  • Turnkey systems and frameworks. We have EVERYTHING covered. Web, marketing, registration, payments, apparel, team building, staffing, scheduling, player validation, tourney weekend execution. You can be 'in business' in just a few weeks.
  • Great income in just two weeks a year.
  • Proven model as most popular tournament in Texas with over 6000 kids playing and teams selling out in minutes.
  • Time efficient - MSM is easy to run even part time. Great for existing business owners or baseball families looking to start something new and exciting.

Start now and make a positive impact for thousands of players and parents in a sport you love!

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