Summer Smash 

 Houston Fields | August 3rd&4th

 We are super excited to take the momentum from the Middle School Baseball Fall Championships and wrap up the Summer of 2019 with some #happybaseball  


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The Player List

Here is the list of players officially signed up! You can get registered by clicking the big button above. Remember, that if your school/team does not form a complete team you will get a full refund. However, it's really important to sign up so that you can show other parents/players that a team is forming...sort of a chicken and egg thing 🙂

 Note: This screen shows up much better on larger devices. Use the search box and column sorting to narrow down your results

Player First Name
Player Last Name
Middle School
Shirt Size
HendersonRi es6th-School Not Listed-YL
JovanniKovar6th-School Not Listed-AM
CamronRichard6th-School Not Listed-YL
DarioBecerra6th-School Not Listed-YL
DeajonBeck6thAlvin ISD-Nolan RyanAM
BrodyThomas6thConroe ISD-ClarkYL
LukeDouglas6thConroe ISD-ClarkAS
KasonPerry6thConroe ISD-ClarkYL
KeeganCAMPBELL6thConroe ISD-ClarkYL
HarperSeman6thConroe ISD-ClarkYL
WilliamHatten6thConroe ISD-ClarkAS
WilliamHatten6thConroe ISD-ClarkAS
BraedenSanches6thConroe ISD-ClarkYL
LeeBull6thConroe ISD-ClarkAS
NoahLopez6thConroe ISD-ClarkYL
ChaseBradley6thConroe ISD-ClarkYL
LandonBargainer8thCypressFairbanks ISD-CookAM
BlakeMartin8thCypressFairbanks ISD-WatkinsAM
AlexanderSamman8thCypressFairbanks ISD-WatkinsYL
josephperillo7thHumble ISD-CreekwoodAM
GavinDaniel8thHumble ISD-CreekwoodAM
LoganBear7thHumble ISD-CreekwoodYL
TannerGillean7thHumble ISD-CreekwoodAL
BenMayorga7thHumble ISD-CreekwoodYL
JaxonMarsh7thHumble ISD-RiverwoodAS
NoahDavid8thHumble ISD-RiverwoodAS
SeanPenn8thHumble ISD-RiverwoodAL
GavinBrown7thHumble ISD-West LakeAM
JadenRodriguez7thHumble ISD-West LakeAS
NickDykes7thHumble ISD-West LakeAS
LucasWilson7thHumble ISD-West LakeYL
ColbyLegarde7thHumble ISD-West LakeYL
BenjaminSpaulding7thHumble ISD-West LakeYL
JacksonCulver7thHumble ISD-West LakeYL
MattCyr7thHumble ISD-West LakeYL
KyleDiekman7thHumble ISD-West LakeYL
EthanVillalon7thHumble ISD-West LakeYL
JoshuaBrunk8thKaty ISD-Aristoi Classical Academy GriffinsAM
HunterWolfe6thKaty ISD-BeckendorfYL
JeffSisan6thKaty ISD-BeckendorfYL
TylerSisan6thKaty ISD-BeckendorfYL
LukePinkerton8thKaty ISD-BeckendorffYL
NoahGunn6thKaty ISD-BeckendorffYL
GenkiYoshimura6thKaty ISD-BeckendorffAS
JacobHoms6thKaty ISD-Cinco RanchYL
TimothyHong6thKaty ISD-Garland McMeansAS
RyanMyers8thKaty ISD-KatyAM
AlexanderJohnson8thKaty ISD-Mayde Creek Junior HighAL
HunterBorchers6thKaty ISD-McMeansYL
JedrikJallorina8thKaty ISD-McMeansAS
PabloRodriguez6thKaty ISD-Seven LakesYL
KobyPrice8thKaty ISD-Stockdick Junior HighAM
BrendanLynch8thKaty isd-Stockdick Junior HighAM
alexanderIngram6thKaty ISD-TaysYL
Louis EtienneDaviet IV7thKaty ISD-TaysAL
CadeBauer7thKaty ISD-WoodcreekAS
JackMalone6thKaty ISD-WoodcreekYL
NathanNemic6thKaty ISD-WoodCreekYL
ZacharyVignocchi6thKaty ISD-WoodCreekYL
GavinDingas6thKaty ISD-WoodcreekYL
CaseLyons6thKaty ISD-WoodcreekAS
BeckettMiller6thKaty ISD-WoodCreekAM
BrodyEngum6thKaty ISD-WoodCreekYL
TrevorJones6thKaty ISD-WoodCreekAS
JakeBurdick6thKaty ISD-WoodCreekAS
DrakeHopkins6thKaty ISD-WoodcreekYL
AndrewBasaldua8thKaty ISD-WoodCreekYL
CooperWilson6thKaty ISD-WoodcreekAM
BrooksMorin6thKaty ISD-WoodCreekYL
MitchellThompson6thLamar Consolidated ISD-LeamanAM
HunterClark6thLamar Consolidated ISD-LeamanYL

Parents Love MSM

Kathy J. MSM Parent

This weekend wasn't about winning or losing....It was about playing MIDDLE SCHOOL BASEBALL!!!! It brought boys together that have never played together but showed what a passion for baseball can do. Thank you!!!!

Players Love MSM

I have played in nearly 1000 games now, all over America and I still think MSM was probably the most fun I have ever had playing baseball. Playing with the kids I grew up with was amazing. Even in high school we still talk about how fun (and crazy) our games were!

Jaxon H MSM Alumn

    What is Middle School Matchup?

    MSM is a unique weekend tournament for middle school baseball players in areas that do not have formal middle school teams. At MSM we align players by middle school, regardless of skill level, and give them the special chance to take a short break from their current team and play ball with the kids they have grown up with! Smiles and high-fives are guaranteed.