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WHEN: AUGUST 03 - 04 2024

REGISTRATION is now open!

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When: August 03 - 04 2024
Where: Scrapyard, Farm League + Others

Status: Registration is now Open!

  • Registration Open  - April 18, 2024
  • Registration Closed - June 28, 2024
  • Team Released - July 08, 2024
  • Schedule Released - July 28, 2024
  • Package Pickup - TBA
  • Pool Play Day - August 03, 2024
  • Bracket Day - August 04, 2024



Middle School Matchup is pretty unique. Here are couple of graphics to get you started.  If you are brand new to MSM we suggest grabbing our new player info packet by clicking the link below.

We form teams, just for one weekend, based on what school and grade you attend! We put you in a school jersey and then you go out and have a total blast playing the game you love with the pals you grew up with.



Don't see your school? No worries, rally a team and come play. Any school can play!

View Player Summary Here

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BrooklynAdams6thClear Creek ISD-Victory Lakes
PaytonAldredge7thTomball ISD-Grand Lakes
AnnAtchison7thClear Creek ISD-Creekside
BrittonBaddock7thTomball ISD-Willow Wood
HelenBalch7thLamar ISD-Briscoe
ChloeBarker7thCyFair ISD-Goodson
CamilleBibb7thClear Creek ISD-Creekside
AliyahBolt7thConroe ISD-Stockton
KinsleyBond6thClear Creek ISD-League City
KyraBrack6thMontgomery ISD-Montgomery
AdelynnBradshaw6thClear Creek ISD-Bayside
KaidynBrailey7thConroe ISD-York
EastonBrouillette7thLamar ISD-Leaman
GracelynBrown7thMontgomery ISD-Oak Hills
AriannaBuenrostro8thCyFair ISD-Spillane
EmiliaBusch8thConroe ISD-York
CarlyButler8thConroe ISD-Knox
MiaCassel7thCyFair ISD-Anthony
NaomiCastellanos6thCyFair ISD-Goodson
AngelinaCaswell6thHumble ISD-Riverwood
LillyCave6thClear Creek ISD-Bayside
PaitynChesser7thKlein ISD-Hofius
AdalynCormier6thConroe ISD-Clark
OliviaCovington6thClear Creek ISD-Creekside
IsabellaCrawford6thKlein ISD-Krimmel
JennieCriddle8thClear Creek ISD-Victory Lakes
CopelandCunningham8thKlein ISD-Krimmel
CayleeCurran7thConroe ISD-Irons
ZoeyDabila8thClear Creek ISD-Victory Lakes
ClaireDavis6thTomball ISD-Northpointe
RianDavis7thClear Creek ISD-Victory Lakes
ChloeDemmeck7thClear Creek ISD-Victory Lakes
PaigeDenton7thCyFair ISD-Spillane
Kelsey Dipuccio6thClear Creek ISD-Creekside
AlannahDuplan6thClear Creek ISD-Bayside
SavannahDurbin8thMontgomery ISD-Oak Hills
FaithEastridge7thConroe ISD-Cox
ClaireEnglert8thCyFair ISD-Hamilton
ElleEverts7thCyFair ISD-Smith
AvaFiloteo8thClear Creek ISD-League City
BlaikleyFloyd7thConroe ISD-McCullough
AvaFloyd7thSt. Ambrose
KyleeGallien8thClear Creek ISD-Victory Lakes
VittoriaGallo6thCyFair ISD-Smith
GhittaGallo8thCyFair ISD-Smith
Jocelyn (JoJo)Garey7thClear Creek ISD-Creekside
KennedyGass8thSanta Fe ISD-Santa Fe
GabriellaGazaway7thCyFair ISD-Hamilton
KarsynGibson7thConroe ISD-York
AveryGnan6thConroe ISD-Tough
LaylaGomez7thHouston ISD-Frank Black
AshleyGonzales6thClear Creek ISD-Bayside
AubreyGonzalez7thKlein ISD-Hofius
LuciaGonzalez8thClear Creek ISD-Westbrook
kayleegreen7thKaty ISD-Woodcreek
DulceGuerrero7thTomball ISD-Creekside Park
CamilaGuerrero7thMagnolia ISD-Magnolia JH
MikaylaGunden8thConroe ISD-Knox
TynlieHaas6thConroe ISD-Vogel
MadelynHall7thDeer Park ISD-Bonnette
CharlotteHand6thLamar ISD-Ryon
MakaylaHelmke6thLamar ISD-Roberts
JazlynHernandez8thHouston ISD-Frank Black
OliviaHernandez8thClear Creek ISD-Creekside
GigiHernandez6thClear Creek ISD-Creekside
HyattHess8thKlein ISD-Kleb
JaylanniHill6thTomball ISD-Northpointe
LyndiHinze7thLamar ISD-Leaman
ZoeHouston6thConroe ISD-Mitchell
SophieHudson6thKlein ISD-Hildebrandt
PiperHughes7thClear Creek ISD-Creekside
KyleeIgo6thKlein ISD-Hildebrandt
ElsieJenkins6thClear Creek ISD-Bayside
SkylarJohnson8thClear Creek ISD-Westbrook
JillianJohnson8thClear Creek ISD-Creekside
AlyviaJones8thKlein ISD-Kleb
MaggieKahlan7thKaty ISD-Woodcreek
ReeseKato6thConroe ISD-Mitchell
MacyKauffman8thHouston ISD-Frank Black
TaylorKimbrell6thClear Creek ISD-Creekside
LaylaKines6thConroe ISD-Mitchell
TaylorKingsley6thClear Creek ISD-Creekside
LydiaKnee7thKaty ISD-Woodcreek
AveryKrenek8thSanta Fe ISD-Santa Fe
AddisonLasnau6thHumble ISD-Riverwood
AbbieLaughlin7thHumble ISD-Riverwood
PaytonLeonard7thLamar ISD-Roberts
AveryLillard8thClear Creek ISD-Bayside
AvaLimas6thCyFair ISD-Hamilton
BrylieMadden8thDanbury ISD-Danbury
AllyMalatesta7thTomball ISD-Creekside Park
MarleighMartin7thCyFair ISD-Salyards
MayraMartinez7thCyFair ISD-Hopper
MaynieMauz7thTomball ISD-Grand Lakes
AddisonMcCarthy7thKlein ISD-Hofius
LoganMcCracken6thClear Creek ISD-Victory Lakes
MadisonMcCracken8thSanta Fe ISD-Santa Fe
AlisonMcFadden7thClear Creek ISD-League City
IsabellaMead6thHumble ISD-Riverwood
AdilynMegale6thClear Creek ISD-Bayside
EricaMichalsky7thConroe ISD-McCullough
NoelleMontemayor7thSt. Rose of Lima Catholic School
EllieMoore6thConroe ISD-Vogel
TaylorMoore7thClear Creek ISD-League City
AveryMoore7thSanta Fe ISD-Santa Fe
SophiaMorales7thPearland ISD-Pearland West
SophiaMoreno6thCyFair ISD-Goodson
AddisonMorris6thKaty ISD-Beck
AlexisMorrison8thSanta Fe ISD-Santa Fe
AllisonNewton6thConroe ISD-Mitchell
BrooklynNielsen8thConroe ISD-Knox
EmmaNorsworthy7thConroe ISD-Irons
ZayleeOrnelas8thKlein ISD-Kleb
MakenzieOtt8thSanta Fe ISD-Santa Fe
AlexisPahkala8thSanta Fe ISD-Santa Fe
CharlottePatton7thClear Creek ISD-League City
AudrinAPaysse8thClear Creek ISD-Victory Lakes
IsabellaPerez8thKlein ISD-Schindewolf
HaileyPerry8thCyFair ISD-Arnold
ClarissaPina8thClear Creek ISD-Brookside
EmmaPitts6thCovenant Preparatory School-Kingwood
Player First NamePlayer Last NameGradeMiddle School
KelseyPorter7thHumble ISD-Kingwood
AshtonPrado7thConroe ISD-York
TessQuintanilla8thTomball ISD-Tomball
KyliRau8thSanta Fe ISD-Santa Fe
CamilaRawls6thClear Creek ISD-League City
PaisleyRay8thMagnolia ISD-Bear Branch JH
GwenythRay6thHumble ISD-Riverwood
SydneeRenfrow-Barriera8thKaty ISD-Woodcreek
IzabellaReyes7thConroe ISD-Peet
AddisonRider8thDanbury ISD-Danbury
MilaniRoberson6thCyFair ISD-Sprague
JalayaRoberts6thHouston ISD-Frank Black
SuttonRobertson6thHumble ISD-Creekwood
KinleyRobinson7thClear Creek ISD-Bayside
DelainaRoman6thMontgomery ISD-Montgomery
SophiaRomero7thCyFair ISD-Spillane
AylaRoyston7thTomball ISD-Grand Lakes
TeresaRuiz7thKlein ISD-Hildebrandt
KarinaRuiz6thTomball ISD-Creekside Park
SavannahSabin8thClear Creek ISD-Victory Lakes
JannelySanchez8thHouston ISD-Frank Black
PresleeSandell7thConroe ISD-York
EvieSchelstrate6thConroe ISD-Tough
LeahSchmitz7thCyFair ISD-Anthony
PreslySchwartzenburg7thConroe ISD-Cox
SuhinaShetty7thGalveston ISD
TynlieShute6thClear Creek ISD-League City
WeslieSingletary6thKaty ISD-Katy
MorganSingletary8thKaty ISD-Katy
SkyeSmith7thMontgomery ISD-Oak Hills
BreeSpence6thClear Creek ISD-Bayside
AllieSrader8thNew Caney ISD-Keefer
SavannahStasiik6thClear Creek ISD-Bayside
WhitleyStasney6thLamar ISD-Roberts
AnsleySullivan7thLamar ISD-Leaman
Elizabeth "Ellie"Tarver6thClear Creek ISD-League City
TatumTheriot8thKlein ISD-Doerre
AbbeyThomson7thConroe ISD-Knox
ToriTinsley8thKlein ISD-Hildebrandt
HaileyTouchard7thCy Fair ISD- Goodson
AliVicknair8thSanta Fe ISD-Santa Fe
MarionWalters6thConroe ISD-McCullough
EmilyWaltersdorf6thTomball ISD-Oakcrest
MelissaWas7thClear Creek ISD-Creekside
KhloeWatkins7thClear Creek ISD-Clear Creek
CallieWetter7thTrinity Klein Lutheran
GraceWheeler6thLamar ISD-Ryon
BrookeWilde6thKaty ISD-Woodcreek
PaisleyWilke7thTomball ISD-Grand Lakes
KylieWill7thHumble ISD-Riverwood
AllyWilliams6thClear Creek ISD-Bayside
EllaWilliams7thConroe ISD-York
LexiWilson6thConroe ISD-Vogel
SavannahYockey6thKaty ISD-Woodcreek
ReeseYurick7thHumble ISD-West Lake
NatalieZagrzecki8thKlein ISD-Kleb





Package 1 - $115

Package 2 - $160

Package 3 - $170

Package 4 - $200

Our Gear lineup includes:

➡️Custom Sublimated Jersey
➡️ Tournament T-Shirt
➡️ Custom heavy weight Short Sleeve Hoodie
➡️ Windbreaker

Designs change every event with a gear reveal coming soon but our parent/player focus group has certfied them 'sick'.

Hoodies - Heavyweight performance hoodie in your schools design. These are SUPER popular! We get 100s of requests after to order more that we have to turn away...get it now. Heavyweight at 20oz fabric (adult m)

We have added the packages and sizers below so that you can make your best choice. At this time we can't mix sizes. In general the Tees are True to Size, Jerseys are roomier by design (add some length to tuck), and then Hoodies/Jackets are even roomier.

👀Some common notes
- Parents regret not getting hoodies.

- YM is really REALLY small!



Email: wes@middleschoolmatchup.com

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View the FAQs here: Link

**These FAQ are general answers but different events may have slightly different rules.

What PLAYERS Like You Are Saying:

Great event

 Great event and saw some wonderful softball this weekend. Would love to see it expand even more next year.

~ G. Burmeister ~

What an amazing day. We Had an absolute blast

What an amazing day playing in Middle School Matchup. To say the day was exciting is an understatement. Classmates from various teams came together as one and memories were made. Had an absolute blast.

~ S McBryde ~

the best event out there even better than cooperstown.

Coaching for the last few years, never seen a team so pumped and excited to play as these middle school teams. Amazing event to see all the kids playing with classmates for the first time. It's the best event out there by far...yes, even Cooperstown.

~ L. Rodd ~


What is Middle School Matchup?

MSM is a unique weekend tournament for middle school baseball players in areas that do not have formal middle school teams. At MSM we align players by middle school, regardless of skill level, and give them the special chance to take a short break from their current team and play ball with the kids they have grown up with! Smiles and high-fives are guaranteed.

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