3 - Registration

It looks like my team is not going to get 9 player but we still want to play…possible?


Remember, it’s the most fun if we can make a ‘school pure’ team but sometimes that is hard, especially the first year…. but we will build combo teams as well (they will still wear school gear). These teams have been called ‘skittles’ teams by players. We wont add them to a ‘school pure’ team if they are complete but we typically can find a spot for them. You can see the MSM skittles teams all over our photo gallery. If we can not find a spot we will absolutely refund you!

The combo teams are usually very strong teams and we have actually had a two different teams take their combo teams and turn them into a select team after the brotherhood they built during MSM

Here is a link to how teams are formed

What is this ‘Passcode’ registration you speak of?

When you get on the Who’s Coming List early you really help us out. It helps us plan everything out MUCH better. We open registration a day early to people on the WCL by sending them a link and a passcode to get to the registration page. Since teams are filled up first come first server….and some teams that have been around for a while sell out in an hour, it’s important to get on this list to get this passcode so you can register as early as possible.

What is the difference between the VIP List and Registration

Great question.

VIP List – Because of our unique format, we really need a heads up on who’s is intending on coming to help us get a good vision of how teams are going to shape up, so that we can order jerseys, umps, fields, etc. So we initially just ask you to show interest by signing up without paying. Once you sign up you will show up on the ‘who’s coming list’ when it’s updated next. We send out invitations early to everyone on the WCL. This is important to you because many teams sell out in an hour…so you are going to want this early access if you are serious about playing.

Registration – This is when we officially launch and open registration where we take payment and are asking to fully commit to playing with your team. At that point you will get highlighted some way on the who’s coming list and teams will officially start getting formed.

The tournament has different phases or steps.

1. VIP List
2. Registration/Payment Opens then Closes
3. Team Building by Tournament Director
4. Coaches selected and notified. (who will then tell the players)
5. Gear Distrobution
6. Tournament