What They Say…. - Middle School Baseball Championships

What They Say….

Parents and Players Love MSM!

With it's unique format, it's really hard to beat a fun MSM weekend. Check out what parents and players have sent us.

What a great weekend of baseball. Very fun tournament that brought kids together that don’t play together. Camaraderie was great

Ryan Horstman

The 8th grade players on the Rogers Middle school in Prosper said they had a lot of fun but wish they had one more shot at a championship in the spring. Hopefully MSM can work it out and give all the 8th graders in the metroplex one more tournament. Personally I am thankful for allowing the kids an opportunity to play with their classmates before high school. They had a blast!

Bob Gleason

What a wonderful experience for both my boys! Can’t wait to do it again next year!

Chrissa Rabe

Son had a great time playing in this tournament. Well Organized.

Russell Wilson

This was my son's first year playing for MSM. He is a 6th grader in McKinney. The boys had a great time getting together with other students from their school that they may not normally play with. The coaches were also great and it was FUN FUN FUN.

Kelli Mau

I've coached youth baseball for 10 years. The MSM tournament was unlike any other tournament I've been a part of. My team was full of school pride playing for their middle school! I strongly recommend MSM!

Tim Wright

What a fun weekend! Very well organized and boys got to play ball with classmates they might not normally get to play with. We had great parent and student support too! Wish we would have done this in 6th and 7th grade as well.

Karen Wydra

Very fun event for the kids.

Charlie Harmon

The boys were huddled up before the first game I heard one say to the other" imagine our school having two teams if everyone signed up and what that would look like"

Daniel Wollent

Our team and their parents team can't wait to do it again next year! Most of the boys have been hanging out on their free time ever since. I think that was the point. Well done MSM!

Casey Bowers

My son enjoyed being able to play with his classmates! He even made a few new friends. The facilities were great and very family friendly! Thanks for the opportunity to participate!

Jema K.H. Cook

Would definitely recommend! Our son had never expressed an interest or played baseball until MSM. Coach Price worked with him and he and an awesome time and experience to the point where he will now play in the spring. Thanks to the staff and coach for making our son a success story.

James from Frisco

It was a memorable weekend with new friends. Kids has the great experience representing their school playing baseball.

Janibel Delgado

No better way in the DFW area for middle school boys to play together than at the MSM tournament.

Randy Tamplen

My son, Dylan, had a great time playing high level baseball with his friends from Willow Springs Middle School. We are new to the North Texas area so it gave us a good glimpse that there is life outside of football in Texas sports! The talent level was amazing and the games were fun to watch. We are happy that we were part of the MSM experience.

David Koh

This was the second year that we participated in Middle School Matchup. It was a great way for the boys to bond before they go into high school and play with their classmates. It was laid back and most importantly the boys had a great time playing without pressure. The whole environment was fantastic.

Kara Mason

This is my fifth year with boys in the MSM program and I have to say it’s been a blast for both of them. They each play baseball at a high level with their select teams but there’s nothing like playing with your classmates and friends at school, no matter the level of the team’s success on the ball diamond. Everyone has a great time and the anticipation of the tournament every year has been like a second Christmas for them.

Jeffrey MacFarlane

This was a fun a well organized tournament. I loved my son being able to play with his classmates. All these boys play in different clubs so it was fun to see them play with their future high school teammates.

Sara Daun

My son had a great time and got to show his classmates what he was all about. We had several coaches come try to recruit my son after the games. It was a lot of fun and also competitive.

Scott Schueler

I would like to extend a Thank you to MSM staff for putting a great, fun tournament for the kids. We did not have many practices but the boys enjoyed every bit of playing together. When my son tells me I'm proud to play with my school friends for his middle school (GISD-Hudson) it speaks volumes about what the tournament is about. Its about having fun, team building, competing and proudly representing your middle school. Id like to Thank MSM for allowing me to coach a combined metro team, not only did our kids bond with other teammates I also had the opportunity to meet some great parents that enjoy the game of baseball. Thank you Meno

Meno Rangel

This was our second year playing in MSM and me coaching our MSM teams. Last year was great as it was a new experience. This year was even better as we kind of knew what to expect which allowed us to focus more on just having fun. We had great competition, fantastic fields and awesome umpires the entire weekend. Can't wait for MSM next year, although it will be our last I am sure it will be our best year of all.

Bill Lavrinovich

My son had a blast playing baseball with his school mates which doesn't happen in middle school. Wish we could do it next year, unfortunately the kids have to pick one sport in High School

Ryan Hampton

Great time awesome venue for the kids

Dan Wollent

My son plays on a nationally ranked select team. It was fun to see him play with the kids he goes to school with and friends with. I haven't seen him smile so much on the field. Plus he was able to show his friends his baseball skills which was nice for him....

Timothy Jones



Great job Middle School match up staff. I had my ninth player show up Saturday morning with a broken hand from the night prior. Was very impressed with the onsite tourney directors response to finding a last min sub player @ Bachus in Frisco. He even followed up to ensure we had no issues halfway through our first game!

Reggie Alexander

This was our first experience with the MSM. My son had a great time. He got to meet so many players from other areas and the one common theme was baseball. I saw him between games talking and laughing with kids he had never met before. What a way to build fellowship between schools. Thanks to everyone who puts this tourney together!!!

Scott Stavenhagen

"That was fun!"

Dee Fields

Most fun my son has had playing baseball since starting!

Kathy Waffen

This was the an outstanding weekend of family fun and some great baseball. My son plays AA and played for Staley Middle School and absolutely had the best time playing and representing the school. We talked for hours about he wonderful weekend and all of the talented teams. this is an event that should happen more often. Maybe a Spring Match Up. We would even be interested in a middle school mini season. The event was very well organized and well done. SUPER EXPERIENCE. THANK you so much. Please consider a Spring Match and a Mini Season.

Derrick Hodnett

My sons team of 7th graders did not place in tourney, but EVERY one of those boys came off the last game with smiles on their faces!! Who wants to loose, but this shows what the coaches main message was.....meet new boys, do your best, but have fun!!!! Great experience!!!

Nancy Kile

It was a great opportunity to play more baseball once the regular season it's over plus a positive way to interact with classmates from his middle schoo,..gran evento

Adrian chavez

My player bonded with other baseball players from school he may not have otherwise!

Tara barton

My son had so much fun playing with his friends. It was a great time by all. Looking forward to next year.

Becki Cordeiro

Great opportunity for schoolmates to interact and play together.

Kurt Liles

Great experience for my son. He made new friends and played alot of quality baseball. We're certainly all in for next year.

G. Scott Nazarenus

it is great for the kids that don't play on the same team but go to the same school to play together !! the only thing that is disappointing is stacking teams with all great talent !!

Gregg Walther

It was a blast! The kids had an amazing time.great experience for the middle school kids.

erika luna

It was a blast! The kids had an amazing time.great experience for the middle school kids.

erika luna

What an awesome weekend of baseball. My son had the time of his life. The coaches were fantastic and the boys had a blast. Can't wait to do it again next year.

James Gaddy

My son and teammates got to play in 6th, 7th & 8th grade, going to miss this tournament being a part of his middle school baseball journey! Thank you MSM for hosting and volunteering on having this great tournament! Class of 2001

Adam Rivera

What a great weekend!! Our team had so much fun playing on the field and making memories at the hotel. Every part of the tournament went so smoothly. Our boys won the championship and received championship T-shirts and they were so excited to wear them the next day to school to show all of their friends that they were MSM Champs!!

Shalleen Shands

What a great opportunity for kids to play with friends from school who they don't normally get to play with. My kids got the chance to play with kids they started playing baseball with years ago. Many kids take different paths in baseball but what a fun way to bring them back together for one weekend. Great memories for them.

Jan Murphy

This was AWESOME!! Thanks so much! We wish it was next weekend too! Everyone had a blast! 🙂 Thank you!!!

Kimberly Hodnett

It's so much fun to see school buddies get the chance to play together! One of my favorite tourneys of the year.

Christy Smitherman

Great event!! My son had a great time playing baseball with his school friends. A couple suggestions......it would be great if each complex hosting the event had T-shirts for sale, the board with all the kids playing and food collection boxes as outlined in the email. Thanks!!

Tracy Townsend

I had the opportunity to coach a team this year. Not quite sure what we were getting into but ecstatic by the end of the weekend. This event is very well run. For the kids to have an opportunity to play with their classmates turned out to be very positive for all. We lost our 1st bracket game Sunday (3 extra innings) but the kids played hard and had a great time. The biggest thing they were fired up about was their Mannequin Challenge video that MSM put on the FB page. In 24 hours it had over 1000 views. The kids thought they were famous. Thank you again, we will see you next year!

Jason Nelson

Kyle enjoyed getting to know some of the other baseball players at his middle school. As the parents commented, that is the core of our future high school team developing!!

Maria Olson

MSM was a great experience for both our 6th & 8th grade sons to play in. They both play select baseball and have played against their classmates in many tournaments but haven't had the opportunity to play on the same team. This gives them the chance to know how great it will be if they play high school baseball with the kids they see and talk to everyday and help build that bond on and off the field. We highly recommend giving your player the opportunity to play MSM whether they are playing travel or Little League Baseball, it's an experience they will never forget.

Dan Stillman

The boys had a blast playing on a team with all their middle school friends. We are looking forward to next year!

Christina Hughes

The boys really enjoy playing with their school friends and just going out and having fun. MSM is a great concept and seems to be enjoyed by all.

Courtney Johnson

My son had a GREAT time at the MSM this weekend! It was fun to see the boys come together and play as a team representing their school for the first time. The event was very organized and a good time was had by all!

Buffy Lester

Fun event!


Great event and saw some wonderful softball this weekend. Would love to see it expand even more next year.

Greg Burmeister

Great event! Lots of fun.

Kaveh Meghdadpour

This was a great experience for my 8th grader. He has not played baseball for 2 years and he loved that he could play in a tournament with all his friends. He had a blast!

Paula Russ

Son had a great time. Thanks MSM

Traci Phillips

This is my son's second year to participate in MSM! Once again it was an absolute blast. Logan said to me after the second game, "There is nothing more fun than looking up and seeing all my best friends playing our favorite sport all together". We can't wait til next year. Go Gators!

Michele Tapp

I loved coaching the kids and them getting to represent their school. My son had a blast and can't wait until next year and I hope to get the opportunity to coach the boys again. The boys had a lot of fun playing together.

Eric Harris