Organized, Scrappy and Ambitious Project Manager/Integrator Wanted

Are you awesome at seeing ‘things’ through to completion? Can you take a goal, build a plan and make progress on it daily? Does it make your heart happy to say ‘Look at I finished!’? Can you take something that is good and tweak it so that it’s great? Always wanted to build something bigger than yourself...but just fall short on profitable ideas?

Then read on...we may have something for you!

We’re are looking to add someone special to our team to help us take our current momentum and grow really fast. To be perfectly honest we are having trouble putting a name to it, but we know it can be pretty spectacular for the right person.

We run a very popular youth baseball event called Middle School Matchup. It’s a super unique format tournament with a special twist that is growing fast across Texas and the nation. How popular? Well, we sell out teams in minutes and recently had over 100 sign-ups in 6 minutes! We have something really special here. Because of our growth (and our vision) we need some help...there are just too many projects that get left behind.

Poke around the website to get a good idea what we do and read our testimonials!

We are remote, so you can work from anywhere...and probably just about anytime.

Our team is fast & scrappy, you will need to be able to move as fast or maybe even faster and be super comfortable with applications like Slack, Asana, etc...and you probably love personal productivity too.

Plus...we are a rare baseball startup. How fun is that? Baseball!

This is for you if:

You pride yourself on being organized and resourceful. You can open up a google spreadsheet and build a 34 step plan on how you will accomplish a goal. Don’t know how to do it? You know you can use the google and learn really fast. Anything is possible with YouTube right?

You can get sh*t done. You know that progress is always better than perfection. You have probably had someone tell you “You get more done in an hour than I get done in a day”

You know you can ‘always figure it out’, even if you failed 7 times already. You know you got this...and you get things right back on track.

You love the process and are process driven. Seeing an entity operate like a well-oiled machine makes you cry a little.

You probably know who people like GaryVee, Seth Godin, and maybe even Tony Robbins is and follow their stuff.

You are driven and are well beyond hand holding. You don’t need anyone tracking you down to make sure you are doing a great job (because we won’t).

And of love Baseball. Hopping the baselines, a suicide squeeze, legging out a triple and the glory of an ump punching out a perfect called 3rd love it all. (or at least like it a whole lot)

What you will be doing

You’ll be working with me, Daniel, and taking our highest priority initiatives, goals and vision and ensure they get planned out, executed and finished...keeping things always moving forward.

This means you may be diving into digital marketing in the morning, checking up on outsourced employees at lunch, and finally brainstorming a new revenue channel with me in the afternoon!

Sometimes you will be in the ‘dirt’ building stuff and sometimes you will be ‘in the clouds’ planning stuff and making sure others are getting what they need to get done.

Example projects:

Breaking into new markets...and building a repeatable system to infiltrate new markets.
Developing a new revenue channel (ex: e-commerce store with shirts for youth baseball players)
Develop partnerships with key influencers
Pitching to Investors

Day to day…

Manage Projects - make sure we always keep moving.
Assist with Marketing Efforts (think Facebook ads, emails, and websites)
Building and documenting repeatable processes
Quickly finding and hiring outsourced helps on a project by project basis (upwork and fiverr)
Resolving issues, putting out a few fires
Building KPI reports and dashboards
Build new revenue generating channels
And honestly, less glamorous stuff; like writing emails, making a quick graphic for social media, go knee deep in a spreadsheet 🙂

What do you get?

This is a paid part-time (and remote) position that can morph into something pretty exciting as we grow. The right person can ultimately move into a full-time position and become the ‘integrator’ for Middle School Matchup...but in order for us to get to the point where we need a full-time integrator we need for you to help us move projects forward now. If you are not the perfect fit but still have all the qualities we are looking for...there are still PLENTY of roles you can fill on the team.

You will get to be part of something pretty special in a company that is doing something exciting (with a ton of raving fans) and learn the ins and outs of taking a little idea and building into something that is hard to imagine.

You will get a crash course in building a business from scratch from someone who has done it multiple times over.  This is not theory, but real tactics with a real growing business with a ton of traction. You will quickly become an expert in digital marketing, event management, social media marketing, customer acquisition, crazy automation and all the tech you would ever want to build a modern day bootstrapped business.

Ultimately I would love to see you rise up and operate this crazy thing! The right person, that can really help us move forward, will most likely hold an equity share in MSM.

Your Qualities > ExperienceI would love to hire someone who has done exactly what I am looking for but that's probably not going to happen. I am much more concerned with your ability to do everything above than I am in actual experience. The right ambitious person that meets all of our core values can do this just fine. It’s all learnable and the idea that you had to sit in college lectures to learn any of this stuff is laughable. It’s not rocket science...

Sound cool?

If this seems interesting here is what you need to do…

I really want to get this hire right and I admittedly rush through this part most of the time. So this might be a longer process than you may be used to but hopefully, we will all learn something new.

The first step is to email me at using the exact subject line
“This sounds awesome!”

Inside that email include a link to your Facebook and LinkedIn profile.

Once that is complete I will get you moving on to the next steps…

Good luck and talk soon!