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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – [September 23, 2019]

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Frisco, TX – Middle School Matchup, a unique weekend tournament designed to give middle school aged kids the opportunity to play organized baseball and softball with their friends and classmates, is proud to announce Scottish Rite for Children as the presenting sponsor of Middle School Matchup - Dallas. 

The support and sponsorship of an industry leader like Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children sends a powerful message about the growing appeal to inspire young people through sport while inviting them to have as much fun as possible,” said Daniel Himel, MSM. “We’re honored to partner with this organization that tirelessly goes above and beyond to give its patients the best experience possible because we do the same for our players and parents.”

The partnership will begin in November with the 2019 Middle School Matchup Fall Championship and will run through 2021, including all Fall Championship and Summer Smash events in the Dallas area.

“In an era of kids overtraining, playing to win and specializing in a single sport too early, a program like Middle School Matchup is a breath of fresh air. The mission of the program fits our desire to see children play sports for fun, create lasting relationships and most importantly continue participating in sports in middle school,” says Philip L. Wilson, M.D., pediatric orthopedic and sports medicine surgeon at Scottish Rite for Children Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center.

The 2019 Middle School Matchup Dallas Fall Championship is set to take place November 8-10 at multiple parks throughout Frisco, McKinney, and other North Texas cities. The event, in its 8th year in Dallas, is set to host more than 3,000 kids representing over 150 middle schools.

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More on Texas Scottish Rite for Children

Scottish Rite for Children is one of the nation’s leading pediatric centers for musculoskeletal care, education and research. The world-renowned specialists treat a wide range of orthopedic conditions, including sports injuries and fractures, as well as certain arthritic, neurological and learning disorders, such as dyslexia. Patients receive treatment regardless of the family’s ability to pay. For more information about services available at the Dallas or Frisco campus, visit scottishritehospital.org

More on Middle School Matchup:

Middle School Matchup got its start in fall of 2012 established, by a husband and wife duo who saw a need for organized baseball at the middle school level.  Taking individual registrations and matching them up on teams according to the middle school that they attend, the first year saw 175 players take part, creating approximately 17 teams.  Fast forward 7 years later, Middle School Matchup now hosts upwards of 3,000 kids creating almost 200 teams on an annual basis. Middle School Matchup also launched the summer version of MSM called Summer Smash in 2018 and is set to continue hosting a summer and fall event annually into future years taking place during the months of June and November. For more information on Middle School Matchup visit middleschoolmatchup.com.


Parents Love MSM

Kathy J. MSM Parent

This weekend wasn't about winning or losing....It was about playing MIDDLE SCHOOL BASEBALL!!!! It brought boys together that have never played together but showed what a passion for baseball can do. Thank you!!!!

Players Love MSM

I have played in nearly 1000 games now, all over America and I still think MSM was probably the most fun I have ever had playing baseball. Playing with the kids I grew up with was amazing. Even in high school we still talk about how fun (and crazy) our games were!

Jaxon H MSM Alumn

What is Middle School Matchup?

MSM is a unique weekend tournament for middle school baseball players in areas that do not have formal middle school teams. At MSM we align players by middle school, regardless of skill level, and give them the special chance to take a short break from their current team and play ball with the kids they have grown up with! Smiles and high-fives are guaranteed.