Player Zero Information Page

What’s up, ballplayer!

Want the first ever baseball jersey for your school? And a FREE WHOLE ENCHILADA PACKAGE?! Keep reading, man! We’re sending this to the first three players that signed up at your school so you gotta get back to us quick!

We’ve got an exciting opportunity for you. Not only do you get to have every baseball player around jealous of your new jersey but you can even be the one to grow your team for your Middle School Matchup squad!

Since this is MSM’s first year in your city, we need your help to recruit players from your school. This is a really fun opportunity for you for more than a few reasons. We think you’re about to see why. Here’s what we are going to do:

1. We send you a jersey for your school. Yes, the first one EVER. No one but you will have one. SO cool. (And with your name on the back.)

2. You wear it to school. We promise, all your friends (and even some people you don’t know) are going to ask “Hey! Since when do we have a baseball team?! Where did you get that?! Where do we get one?!” You see where this is going...

3. Show us! We will shoot you an email with instructions on how to post to social media to enter into an Official MSM Player Zero Only Competition. (WAY more bonuses inside!) Complete the required steps to be eligible for your whole enchilada package!

4. Your school gets at least 9 sign ups in one grade to make a whole team.

5. YOU get a FREE whole enchilada package (free admission to the tourney, all the MSM school swag available, $175 value)! Oh, yeah, baby!

6. Bonus round!: If you get enough players to make a full team in each grade for your school, we will have something else to send you. (It’s a surprise. You want it. We promise.)

We’re only letting ONE player for each school be the Official MSM Player Zero...And we think you are that very player. Do you have what it takes?!

Email us at if you want to be the VIP among VIP’s! We will be needing:

1) Your shirt size
2) Your school’s primary color
3) Your school’s secondary color
4) Your street address

Remember: We can only have one Player Zero at each school...So get back to us quick!

Keep playing,