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Dallas, TX

RISING freshman tournament

07/23/2022 - 07/24/2022

Frisco, Texas

Event Info




When: Summer 2022
Where: TBA
Registration Open



Middle School Matchup is pretty unique. Here are couple of graphics to get you started.  If you are brand new to MSM we suggest grabbing our new player info packet by clicking the link below.

We form teams, just for one weekend, based on what school and grade you attend! We put you in a school jersey and then you go out and have a total blast playing the game you love with the pals you grew up with.




High School
JackMeyerAledo ISD-Aledo High School
NikoEvangelopoulosAllen ISD- Lowery Freshmen Center
AntonioKunemanAllen ISD-Allen
AntonioKunemanAllen ISD-Lowery Freshman
LandonParrArgyle ISD-Argyle HS
KalebHornArgyle ISD-Argyle HS
MasonStarrArgyle ISD-Argyle HS
MasonStarrArgyle ISD-Argyle HS
DevinMcDanielAubrey ISD
MasonHollemanAzle ISD-Azle
KolbyMorelandAzle ISD-Azle
ChaseEmingerAzle ISD-Azle
RileySelfAzle ISD-Azle
UrbanTravlandCELINA ISD
CutterNixCommunity ISD
JacksonMyreCommunity ISD
DylanGonzalesConroe ISD - The Woodlands College Park
TrinidadAguirreCoppell ISD
ChristianHarmsenCoweta isd northgate
GraylynFryDenton ISD-Braswell
LukeGivensEagle Mountain Saginaw ISD
WadeMorseForney ISD
NolanSwyersFrisco ISD - Heritage
CadenCoxFrisco ISD - Reedy
PaxtonBashamFrisco ISD - Reedy
CaysonHickmanFrisco ISD - Wakeland
TysonLittleFrisco ISD Wakeland High School
DayneHarrisFrisco ISD- Centennial
JacobBarnesFrisco ISD- independence
PrestonMooreFrisco ISD- Memorial
TamarusDeflanders (Jr)Frisco ISD- Reedy
GabrielJohnsonFrisco ISD- Wakeland
DaltonODellFrisco ISD-Centennial
JosephPhillipsFrisco ISD-Centennial
CampbellJacksonFrisco ISD-Centennial
DayneHarrisFrisco ISD-Centennial
MylesWoertendykeFrisco ISD-Centennial
JordanGilbreathFrisco ISD-Centennial
DaltonO’DellFrisco ISD-Centennial
SpencerLlewellynFrisco ISD-Centennial
JordanGilbreathFrisco ISD-Centennial
PrestonSykesFrisco ISD-Centennial
EvanCarterFRISCO ISD-Centennial
MicahLunaFrisco ISD-Emerson
JalenMcLinFrisco ISD-Emerson
FinleyHambrickFrisco ISD-Emerson
AustinMaijalaFrisco ISD-Emerson
Preston HollandHollandFrisco ISD-Emerson
MaxwellMyhreFrisco ISD-Emerson
JaxonCoxFrisco ISD-Emerson
ParkerBockovenFrisco ISD-Emerson
MaxMaciulaFrisco ISD-Emerson
ParkerBockovenFrisco ISD-Emerson
ParkerBockovenFrisco ISD-Emerson
JosephMediacejaFrisco ISD-Emmerson
CarsonRobertsFrisco ISD-Frisco High School
TylerRitterFrisco ISD-Heritage
GrantHarveyFrisco ISD-Heritage
NolanSwyersFrisco ISD-Heritage
JaronChellappanFrisco ISD-Heritage
AidanNortheyFrisco ISD-Lone Star
JaytenMcBethFrisco ISD-Lone Star
JaytenMcBethFrisco ISD-Lone Star
AidanNortheyFrisco ISD-Lone Star High School
RileyRichouxFrisco ISD-Memorial
JakeFelsmanFrisco ISD-Memorial
NateKurzFrisco ISD-Memorial
CaidenKellyFrisco ISD-Panther Creek
VaughanTaylorFrisco ISD-Panther Creek
GradyGarbFrisco ISD-Reedy
TamarusDeflandersFrisco ISD-Reedy
AaronNormanFrisco ISD-Reedy
JackJonesFrisco ISD-Reedy
MasonBiermanFrisco ISD-Reedy
TristanUrteagaFrisco ISD-Reedy
MasonBiermanFrisco ISD-Reedy
MasonBiermanFrisco ISD-Reedy
CoenTsudaFrisco ISD-Wakeland
ElliotHubbardFrisco ISD-Wakeland
TysonLittleFrisco ISD-Wakeland
WilliamGorenFrisco ISD-Wakeland
MatthewKariukiFrisco ISD-Wakeland
BradleyVacekFrisco ISD-Wakeland
GabrielJohnsonFrisco ISD-Wakeland
JacksonLeeFrisco ISD-Wakeland
GabePennyFrisco ISD-Wakeland
MichaelBoyleFrisco ISD-Wakeland
AidanMcGilliganFrisco ISD-Wakeland
CoenTsudaFrisco ISD-Wakeland
BradleyVacekFrisco ISD-Wakeland
GabrielClarkFrisco ISD-Wakeland
JakeHambrickFrisco ISD-Wakeland
CoenTsudaFrisco ISD-Wakeland
WilliamGorenFrisco ISD-Wakeland
FrankieGaribayGarden Grove USD - LA Quinta
SebastianHarrisGarland ISD - Lakeview HS
CoehnSimpsonGarland ISD-Sachse
CoehnSimpsonGarland ISD-Sachse
JaythanVillarrealHeritage Midlothian ISD
Player First NamePlayer Last NameHigh School
BeauJonesHighland Park High School
CooperChingHighland Park High School
CharlesBrewerHighland Park Isd
TrippMattisonHighland Park ISD
NathanEvelerHumble ISD-Kingwood park high school
TylerRadkeKaty ISD-Katy High
MarcSanchezKeller ISD - Fossil Ridge
SergioHeimlichKeller ISD Central High school
CamdenKienzleKeller ISD- Keller High School
CarsonGroundsKeller ISD-Fossil Ridge
MichaelMassaroKeller ISD-Fossil Ridge
CaedenHatchKeller ISD-Keller High
MerrickTurnerKeller ISD-Keller High
EthanWhatleyKeller ISD-Keller High
KoenGalicaKeller ISD-Keller High
JackCalawayKeller ISD-Timber Creek
GradyShannonKeller ISD-Timber Creek
CarsonGroundsKeller-Fossil Ridge
LiamBrownfieldLake Dallas ISD - Lake Dallas
BraydenCarbullidoLewisville ISD
JustinFrickeLewisville ISD-Hebron
BrycePachecoLewisville ISD-Hebron
WalkerSteeleLewisville ISD-Hebron
StephonPhillipsLewisville ISD-Killian
RomeoBerriosLewisville ISD-Marcus
JacksonHarbourLewisville ISD-Marcus
LoganLawsonLewisville ISD-Marcus
RichardJaramilloLewisville ISD-Marcus
VicenteArmendarizLewisville ISD-Marcus
DanielPorrasLittle Elm ISD-Little Elm High
DanielPorrasLittle Elm ISD-Little Elm High
DanielPorrasLittle Elm ISD-Little Elm High
GavinHahnLittle Elm ISD-Little Elm High
DanielPorrasLittle Elm ISD-Little Elm High
SawyerBensonMcKinney ISD- Boyd
PrestonMelitaMcKinney ISD- Boyd
RichardMarksMcKinney ISD- McKinney North
DavidMarksMcKinney ISD- McKinney North
GiovanniMiltonMcKinney ISD-Boyd
PrestonMelitaMcKinney ISD-Boyd
CarsonWadeMcKinney ISD-Boyd
PrestonMelitaMcKinney ISD-Boyd
CadeReaganMcKinney ISD-Boyd
ColeAshleyMcKinney ISD-Boyd
CameronWeldeleMcKinney ISD-Boyd
MichaelRobertsonMckinney ISD-Boyd
JoeySchwartzMckinney ISD-Boyd
JakobKowaleskiMcKinney ISD-McKinney High
JakeGiangrecoMcKinney ISD-McKinney North
ChristopherFleitesMcKinney ISD-Mckinney North
AndrewSlodowickMcKinney ISD-Mckinney North
ChristopherFleites RodriguezMcKinney ISD-Mckinney North
JakobKowaleskiMcKinneyISD-McKinney High
TyreceOnealNavo middle school
GeorgeRodriguezNewman International Cedar Hill
JacksonMARTINNorthwest ISD
JackWiseNorthwest ISD- Eaton
CooperHullNorthwest ISD-Byron Nelson
PeytonHarveyNorthwest ISD-Byron Nelson
CaydenMcCandlessNorthwest ISD-Byron Nelson
AlexBoosNorthwest ISD-Byron Nelson
LandonCrawfordNorthwest ISD-Byron Nelson
FelixCedeñoPlano ISD
MarshallConePlano ISD - Vines High School
JonathanCheneyPlano ISD-Plano
FelixCedeñoPlano ISD-Plano
AustinPattersonPlano ISD-Vines
AustinSmithPrestonwood Christian Academy
MaddoxRobersonPrinceton ISD-Lovelady
AydenMcDanielProsper - Rockhill
JulienEbertProsper High School
SamKerrProsper ISD
HooperHarrisProsper ISD-Prosper High School
JaxsonLittleProsper ISD-Prosper High School
RylandStubblefieldProsper ISD-Prosper High School
DylanStruweProsper ISD-Prosper High School
ColbyMillerProsper ISD-Prosper High School
JulienEbertProsper ISD-Prosper High School
CooperMooreProsper ISD-Prosper High School
MaxwellSchneiderProsper ISD-Prosper High School
SebastianValdovinoProsper ISD-Rock Hill
HudsonWhitmireProsper ISD-Rock Hill
GraysobRichardsProsper ISD-Rock Hill
GraysonRichardsProsper ISD-Rock Hill
AnthonyGonzalezProsper ISD-Rock Hill
CohenGjerdevigProsper ISD-Rock Hill
NashThomasProsper ISD-Rock Hill
EthanKalinecProsper ISD-Rockhill
GraysonRichardsProsper RockHill highschool
RylandStubblefieldProsper-Prosper HS
DylanJohnsonRichardson ISD
DylanJohnsonRichardson ISD
BlakeStewardRichardson ISD - JJ Pearce HS
AndrewBelangerRichardson ISD - Richardson
CopelandGreenbergRichardson ISD-Lake Highlands
WillHalpinRichardson ISD-Lake Highlands
HudsonWhitmireRockhill High School- Prosper ISD
AndrewGreenRockwall-Rockwall High School
JohnGreenRockwall-Rockwall High School
EliGrubbsSunnyvale High School
JacobHarrisSunnyvale High School
EliGrubbsSunnyvale High School
BradyWolstonSunnyvale High School
JordanTamezSunnyvale High School
CashHamiltonSunnyvale ISD - Sunnyvale
JacobLawranceSunnyvale Middle School
BryceMillerVines Junior Highly
Jake HambrickJakeWakeland High School
ConnorWebbWylie East (Wylie ISD)
ColtsharrerWylie isd, wylie east
TrentMorrisWylie ISD-Wylie East
ColtsharrerWylie ISD-Wylie East
ColinWilsonWylie ISD-Wylie East
TrentJonesWylie ISD-Wylie East





Package 1- $105

Package 2- $145


What PLAYERS Like You Are Saying:

I’ve never had that much fun playing baseball

 The boys were smiling all day! When we got in the car, my son said, “That was awesome! I’ve never had that much fun playing baseball!” It was great seeing the boys meet new friends, connect with old friends & become teammates!

~ J. Reagan ~

What an amazing day. We Had an absolute blast

What an amazing day playing in Middle School Matchup. To say the day was exciting is an understatement. Classmates from various teams came together as one and memories were made. Had an absolute blast.

~ S McBryde ~

the best event out there even better than cooperstown.

Coaching for the last few years, never seen a team so pumped and excited to play as these middle school teams. Amazing event to see all the kids playing with classmates for the first time. It's the best event out there by far...yes, even Cooperstown.

~ L. Rodd ~

What is Middle School Matchup?

MSM is a unique weekend tournament for middle school baseball players in areas that do not have formal middle school teams. At MSM we align players by middle school, regardless of skill level, and give them the special chance to take a short break from their current team and play ball with the kids they have grown up with! Smiles and high-fives are guaranteed.

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