Dallas, TX

INCOMING freshman tournament
[Class of 2028]

June 11&12


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When: June 11- 12 2024
Where: TBA

Status: Pre-Registration is open

  • Registration Open - March 28, 2024
  • Registration Closed - May 18, 2024
  • Schedule Released -  TBA
  • Package Pickup - TBA
  • Pool Play Day - June 11, 2024
  • Bracket Day - June 12, 2024



Middle School Matchup is pretty unique. Here are couple of graphics to get you started.  If you are brand new to MSM we suggest grabbing our new player info packet by clicking the link below.

We form teams, just for one weekend, based on what school and grade you attend! We put you in a school jersey and then you go out and have a total blast playing the game you love with the pals you grew up with.



Team Building In Progress!

AidenACOSTA9th Frisco ISD-Liberty
CharlieAllivato9th Prosper ISD-Prosper HS
JustinBeck9th Frisco ISD-Liberty
NolanBiard9th Frisco ISD-Reedy
EnzoBoccoleri9th Denton ISD-Guyer
IshaanBose9th Frisco ISD-Heritage
MathewBrown9th Prosper ISD-Prosper HS
BeckettBryant9th Frisco ISD-Wakeland-Team[Blue]
TreyBuchanan9th Frisco ISD-Lone Star
TreyBuchanan9th Frisco ISD-Lone Star
TreyBuchanan9th Frisco ISD-Lone Star
StephenCarter9th Prosper ISD-Prosper HS
CristianCastillo9th Denton ISD-Guyer
CarterColon9th Frisco ISD-Reedy
LandonCraig9th Lake Dallas ISD-Lake Dallas
BennettDaelke9th Frisco ISD-Wakeland-Team[Orange]
TylerDaugherty9th Frisco ISD-Wakeland-Team[Blue]
StrykerDay9th Lake Dallas ISD-Lake Dallas
TrevorDennis9th Frisco ISD-Wakeland-Team[Blue]
TrevorDennis9th Frisco ISD-Wakeland-Team[Blue]
SpencerDey9th Frisco ISD-Wakeland-Team[Orange]
NoahDillon9th Prosper ISD-Prosper HS
SilasFerrell9th Frisco ISD-Wakeland-Team[Orange]
DavidFindley9th Frisco ISD-Heritage
DiegoFranco9th Frisco ISD-Liberty
EthanFranke9th Denton ISD-Guyer
KaiFranklin9th Frisco ISD-Heritage
ConnorFroehle9th Frisco ISD-Heritage
BraydenFryman9th Frisco ISD-Lone Star
JohnGalvan9th Frisco ISD-Wakeland-Team[Orange]
CharlieGamber9th Frisco ISD-Reedy
NathanGarcia9th Denton ISD-Guyer
WestonGeismar9th Frisco ISD-Wakeland-Team[Blue]
JohnGoren9th Frisco ISD-Wakeland-Team[Blue]
CoreyGrice9th Frisco ISD-Wakeland-Team[Orange]
MaddoxGuevara9th Frisco ISD-Reedy
HaydenHarper9th Frisco ISD-Liberty
ErickHay9th Prosper ISD-Prosper HS
GrantHenderson9th Frisco ISD-Liberty
LeoHirner9th Frisco ISD-Reedy
BryceHolland9th Frisco ISD-Lone Star
AndrewHoye9th Prosper ISD-Prosper HS
KnoxxHuff9th Frisco ISD-Reedy
GriffinJenkins9th Frisco ISD-Liberty
NikolaiKalajdzic9th Lake Dallas ISD-Lake Dallas
CarsonKing9th Frisco ISD-Wakeland-Team[Orange]
LoganKline9th Lake Dallas ISD-Lake Dallas
FinnKogler9th Frisco ISD-Reedy
JoshuaLe9th Prosper ISD-Prosper HS
JackLehman9th Frisco ISD-Heritage
JohnLopez9th Denton ISD-Guyer
AdrianLopez9th Lake Dallas ISD-Lake Dallas
JoshuaMaier9th Frisco ISD-Reedy
AndrewMason9th Frisco ISD-Reedy
BaineMasterson9th Frisco ISD-Wakeland-Team[Orange]
SynjanMccowan-Kemp9th Lake Dallas ISD-Lake Dallas
JackMhire9th Frisco ISD-Reedy
CalebMussachio9th Frisco ISD-Heritage
AshtonNairn9th Frisco ISD-Lone Star
MsxNazario9th Frisco ISD-Reedy
WilliamNixon9th Lake Dallas ISD-Lake Dallas
NathanOpiola9th Prosper ISD-Prosper HS
JoelOrtiz9th Denton ISD-Guyer
DylanOwens9th Frisco ISD-Heritage
JacksonPettigrew9th Frisco ISD-Wakeland-Team[Orange]
Player First NamePlayer Last NameMSM Team
BraylonPosey9th Denton ISD-Guyer
NolanPotter9th Lake Dallas ISD-Lake Dallas
MitchellPratt9th Frisco ISD-Liberty
PrestonPulliam9th Prosper ISD-Prosper HS
CasonRay9th Frisco ISD-Wakeland-Team[Blue]
JakeRenville9th Lake Dallas ISD-Lake Dallas
HunterRingheimer9th Prosper ISD-Prosper HS
KohenRogers9th Frisco ISD-Lone Star
MasonSabo9th Prosper ISD-Prosper HS
CharlieSchneller9th Frisco ISD-Lone Star
JonahSinquefield9th Lake Dallas ISD-Lake Dallas
MicahSinquefield9th Lake Dallas ISD-Lake Dallas
CharlieSlawski9th Frisco ISD-Reedy
HaydenSmith9th Frisco ISD-Liberty
ZaydenSohm9th Frisco ISD-Wakeland-Team[Blue]
JacksonSpellman9th Denton ISD-Guyer
LeviStern9th Frisco ISD-Wakeland-Team[Orange]
EricStevenson9th Frisco ISD-Lone Star
TalonStrong9th Denton ISD-Guyer
CadinTaylor9th Denton ISD-Guyer
GavinThompson9th Frisco ISD-Lone Star
JoshuaTijerina9th Frisco ISD-Heritage
BradyTurnbow9th Lake Dallas ISD-Lake Dallas
BrianUhlenhaker9th Frisco ISD-Wakeland-Team[Orange]
JacksonVacek9th Frisco ISD-Wakeland-Team[Blue]
LukeVan Sickle9th Frisco ISD-Reedy
ParkerVaughn9th Frisco ISD-Heritage
BraydenVorel9th Prosper ISD-Prosper HS
BradyWhaling9th Frisco ISD-Liberty
BrysonWilliams9th Lake Dallas ISD-Lake Dallas
BrooksWinter9th Frisco ISD-Wakeland-Team[Blue]
ChristianYoung9th Denton ISD-Guyer

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What PLAYERS Like You Are Saying:

I’ve never had that much fun playing baseball

 The boys were smiling all day! When we got in the car, my son said, “That was awesome! I’ve never had that much fun playing baseball!” It was great seeing the boys meet new friends, connect with old friends & become teammates!

~ J. Reagan ~

What an amazing day. We Had an absolute blast

What an amazing day playing in Middle School Matchup. To say the day was exciting is an understatement. Classmates from various teams came together as one and memories were made. Had an absolute blast.

~ S McBryde ~

the best event out there even better than cooperstown.

Coaching for the last few years, never seen a team so pumped and excited to play as these middle school teams. Amazing event to see all the kids playing with classmates for the first time. It's the best event out there by far...yes, even Cooperstown.

~ L. Rodd ~


What is Middle School Matchup?

MSM is a unique weekend tournament for middle school baseball players in areas that do not have formal middle school teams. At MSM we align players by middle school, regardless of skill level, and give them the special chance to take a short break from their current team and play ball with the kids they have grown up with! Smiles and high-fives are guaranteed.

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