Dallas, TX


Nov. 10th-11th | North Dallas Fields

Middle School Matchup is ready to build on the momentum we built in the Dallas area! Looking forward to new schools, new players and an  incredible event in 2018. Lets make it our best year ever!

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The VIP List

Here is the list of players on the VIP list. The VIPs are a list of interested players that have pre-registered. VIPs get early access to sign ups and discounted entry. Plus, its a great way to show others from your school who is planning to play! You can get on the VIP list (No Payment Required) by clicking the big button above. Note: This screen shows up much better on larger devices.

Player First Name
Player Last Name
Middle School
MedleighDanchak8th-School Not Listed-
SamanthaShannon6th-School Not Listed-
HannahJackson8th-School Not Listed-
WhitneyFoster6th-School Not Listed-
LaurenPons8th-School Not Listed-
TalliSadler7th-School Not Listed-
DruCasselberry6th-School Not Listed-
RyleeSandifer8thArgyle ISD-Argyle MS
AvariSandifer6thArgyle ISD-Argyle MS
EmilyHarbach6thArgyle ISD-Argyle MS
NevaehR. Huzarevich8thArlington ISD-Young
CallieZenoble8thCarroll ISD-Carroll MS
SydneyStagg8thCarroll ISD-Carroll MS
BrookeBerwick8thCarroll ISD-Carroll MS
AbigailSmith7thCarroll ISD-Carroll MS
RainaRumalla8thCarroll ISD-Carroll MS
AnnaHunt8thCarroll ISD-Dawson
ClaireCarrick8thCarroll ISD-Dawson
KimberKerrigan6thCoppell ISD-Coppell West
ErinPeterson7thDenton ISD-Crownover
AveryCombest6thDenton ISD-Harpool
NatalieMcCaghren6thFrisco ISD-Cobb
KaylaCourcy6thFrisco ISD-Cobb
MiaSanchez6thFrisco ISD-Cobb
RebekahBlinco8thFrisco ISD-Cobb
MadisonHardin8thFrisco ISD-Cobb
AudreyGilbert6thFrisco ISD-Cobb
SariahMullens6thFrisco ISD-Cobb
BellaWood6thFrisco ISD-Cobb
HaileyRamirez6thFrisco ISD-Cobb
KirstynJones7thFrisco ISD-Cobb
KaitlynBower7thFrisco ISD-Griffin
EmileeProchaska7thFrisco ISD-Griffin
TaylorMcIllwain8thFrisco ISD-Griffin
KayleeKinney6thFrisco ISD-Griffin
BerkleyDonovan7thFrisco ISD-Griffin
EmilyHauk7thFrisco ISD-Griffin
AvaFeragotti7thFrisco ISD-Griffin
KayleeSmith8thFrisco ISD-Griffin
FaithRiley7thFrisco ISD-Maus
AhnaVanmeter7thFrisco ISD-Maus
AudreyRichardson7thFrisco ISD-Nelson
SydneySabin8thFrisco ISD-Nelson
ReaganBedell7thFrisco ISD-Nelson
MayaCorcoran8thFrisco ISD-Nelson
VyannaQuezada7thFrisco ISD-Nelson
HaydenReilly7thFrisco ISD-Pearson
AlyssaThompson8thFrisco ISD-Pearson
LaurenBurrell7thFrisco ISD-Pearson
MakaylaCox8thFrisco ISD-Pearson
SydneyCummins7thFrisco ISD-Pearson
KennedyHenrich7thFrisco ISD-Pearson
EmilieGilbert8thFrisco ISD-Pioneer
MycahMcClendon7thFrisco ISD-Pioneer
NatalieLopez7thFrisco ISD-Roach
AllieCrow7thFrisco ISD-Roach
KairaNetzel6thFrisco ISD-Roach
savannahwittlin7thFrisco ISD-Roach
MaddisonYoung7thFrisco ISD-Roach
AllieLazar7thFrisco ISD-Roach
ReeseEwert7thFrisco ISD-Scoggins
DaisyAltamero7thFrisco ISD-Stafford
BrianaGomez8thFrisco ISD-Staley
MeganWilson6thFrisco ISD-Staley
AnnaliseFournier8thFrisco ISD-Trent
AshleyGalbraith8thFrisco ISD-Trent
KinleyMarlow7thFrisco ISD-Trent
EmilyBustillos8thFrisco ISD-Trent
PiperBuck7thFrisco ISD-Trent
AdelineGlatch6thFrisco ISD-Vandeventer
MadisonTerry6thFrisco ISD-Vandeventer
TrinityStephens7thFrisco ISD-Wester
SherylVillarreal7thFrisco ISD-Wester
IsabellaAnzualda6thFrisco ISD-Wester
NataleeVelazquez7thGarland ISD-Webb
KirstenWilkinson8thKeller ISD-Hillwood
Cayenne “Pepper”Foster7thKeller ISD-Keller Middle
KylarCoulson8thKeller ISD-Keller Middle
LaurenWeeks8thKeller ISD-Keller Middle
SadieBeck7thKeller ISD-Keller Middle
KenzieGinn7thKeller ISD-Keller Middle
AveryHull7thKeller ISD-Keller Middle
LeslieGonzalez7thKeller ISD-Keller Middle
SydneyLee7thKeller ISD-Keller Middle
LisaRykheer7thKeller ISD-Keller Middle
FaithClark7thKeller ISD-Keller Middle
EmmaCurtis8thKeller ISD-Keller Middle
HaleyButker7thLewisville ISD-Arbor Creek
LilyCraig8thLewisville ISD-Arbor Creek
AveryRich7thLewisville ISD-Briarhill
ShoreyNguyen8thLewisville ISD-Creek Valley
PaislieAllen7thLewisville ISD-Huffines
AlexisAbney7thLewisville ISD-Huffines
PaislieAllen7thLewisville ISD-Huffines
LucyCrowder7thLewisville ISD-Killian
MaggieCox8thLewisville ISD-Lamar
AveryKoonce8thLewisville ISD-Lamar
AllyBusch8thLewisville ISD-Lamar
AshlynnBrothers7thLewisville ISD-McKamy
AnnaVibral8thLewisville ISD-McKamy
BrookeSeifert8thLewisville ISD-Shadow Ridge
KatieMince7thLittleElm ISD-Lakeside
AddisonAguilar6thLovejoy ISD-Sloan Creek
KadyHuggins6thMckinney ISD-Dowell
KeatonBradshaw6thMidlothian ISD
MadelineClapp7thNorthwest ISD-Medlin
EmmaTimmons7thNorthwest ISD-Medlin
BrookeThomas6thNorthwest ISD-Medlin
LaurynWettengel7thNorthwest ISD-Medlin
ReeseLadewig8thNorthwest ISD-Medlin
MadelynCapra7thNorthwest ISD-Medlin
EllaWhitacre8thNorthwest ISD-Medlin
AmberStanic8thNorthwest ISD-Medlin
CadenceCarr8thNorthwest ISD-Medlin
JohnnieSanchez8thNorthwest ISD-Medlin
EmalinePearson7thNorthwest ISD-Medlin
KayleeMartin6thNorthwest ISD-Medlin
RachelNewby7thPlano ISD-Carpenter
AvaSchelin6thPlano ISD-Frankford
CiaraMatthews7thPlano ISD-Hendrick
MadisonBaker7thPlano ISD-Hendrick
SophiaMartino7thPlano ISD-Murphy
SophiaChao8thPlano ISD-Renner
CarraCleaves7thPlano ISD-Renner
AdayahWallace8thPlano ISD-Renner
BrookeHilton8thPlano ISD-Renner
ReeseHickey6thPlano ISD-Robinson
Hallie Day7thPrinceton ISD-Clark Jr. High
LyndseyHooker6thProsper ISD-Reynolds MS
AngelaHamilton7thProsper ISD-Reynolds MS
EllaBerlage6thProsper ISD-Reynolds MS
Elizabeth “EB”Bobbitt7thProsper ISD-Rogers MS
PresleighDuff8thWylie ISD-Burnett
SydneyMurphy7thWylie ISD-Cooper
JordynMerrett8thWylie ISD-Cooper
AubrieGunther7thWylie ISD-Cooper
MacyAlewine6thWylie ISD-Draper
TatumGehring7thWylie ISD-McMillan
FaithMatula7thWylie ISD-McMillan
EmilyDominguez8thWylie ISD-McMillan
RainaDoggett7thWylie ISD-McMillan
AubreyBrown8thWylie ISD-McMillan
HannahMesser7thWylie ISD-McMillan

Parents Love MSM

Kathy J. MSM Parent

This weekend wasn't about winning or losing....It was about playing MIDDLE SCHOOL BASEBALL!!!! It brought boys together that have never played together but showed what a passion for baseball can do. Thank you!!!!

Players Love MSM

I have played in nearly 1000 games now, all over America and I still think MSM was probably the most fun I have ever had playing baseball. Playing with the kids I grew up with was amazing. Even in high school we still talk about how fun (and crazy) our games were!

Jaxon H MSM Alumn

    What is Middle School Matchup?

    MSM is a unique weekend tournament for middle school baseball players in areas that do not have formal middle school teams. At MSM we align players by middle school, regardless of skill level, and give them the special chance to take a short break from their current team and play ball with the kids they have grown up with! Smiles and high-fives are guaranteed.