Parents and Players Love MSM!

With it's unique format, it's really hard to beat a fun MSM weekend. Check out what parents and players have sent us. We have 100s and 100s of these. Just hit refresh to see more!

My children had an amazing time, thank you!

Heather Bordner-Ayyob

What a great weekend of baseball! I really had no idea what to expect but since I coached a lot of these kids, who have since gone their separate ways with different baseball organizations, I thought it would be a lot of fun to get the group back together. We had a great time reuniting and added a number of new faces as well. Our goal was to have fun (and we did) but I was pleasantly surprised by the extremely high quality of baseball. Can't wait to do it again next year!

Nick Fluellen

It was a great experience to play this tournament and see my son playing with his friends from school.

Carlos Sanchez

I have a 6th grader and a 7th grader that both played in MSM this past weekend and they had a blast! When I asked them if they'd like to play in this tournament again it was a resounding "YES"!!!!! Thanks for all the hard work you all put into organizing this event!

Patti Sharp

Great event! Lots of fun.

Kaveh Meghdadpour

In one world, It's AMAZING. THANKS.

Nestor Rivera

MSM is our favorite tournament of the year. The kids have a blast playing with their school friends, but also get to see and compete against many other friends they have played with over the years. It is a well run tournament that all of us look forward too!

Andrea Hern

This is my fifth year with boys in the MSM program and I have to say it’s been a blast for both of them. They each play baseball at a high level with their select teams but there’s nothing like playing with your classmates and friends at school, no matter the level of the team’s success on the ball diamond. Everyone has a great time and the anticipation of the tournament every year has been like a second Christmas for them.

Jeffrey MacFarlane

Great fun all about baseball experience!

Dawn Wade

I heard my player say, “I wish this was the team I got to play with all the time.” My son loved the opportunity to get to play with his school classmates. Such a great bonding activity for the boys. It’s such a bummer middle schools don’t offer baseball when there are this many boys who want to play!

Carli Allen

My player was in heaven playing with his 6th grade buddies - 13 boys from 8 different select teams - all came together to play 6 games over a fantastic weekend and ending up Finalists!

Christine Brown

This was AWESOME!! Thanks so much! We wish it was next weekend too! Everyone had a blast! :) Thank you!!!

Kimberly Hodnett

Awesome event. Thank you.

Matt Feldman

Had a great time and played competitive teams!

Lisa Montes

Our 8th grade team enjoyed playing together for the first time. Definitely gave them the exciting idea of playing together in high school. Thanks for organizing MSM!

Patsy Rowley

Great event and saw some wonderful softball this weekend. Would love to see it expand even more next year.

Greg Burmeister

MSM, is one of a kind. More emphasis put on the fun of the game and not just taking home a trophy or ring at any cost. Thanks MSM

Rusty Simpson

It was great experience to represent your area and school. The boys really enjoyed it and I wish every kid gets a opportunity to play the best game for there favorite school. I can’t wait for the next tournament.


Great experience for the kids to play with their school friends.

Kim Uhlenhaker

I had the opportunity to coach the MSM the last two years and it truly is an experience like no other in youth baseball! My son is a high level player and has played in top events all over the country, but some of his best baseball memories are playing with his buddies from school in the MSM! It’s a must play event if you have a middle schooler!

Jett Andrews

What a neat idea! AND our school won too! So thats a plus. If I can give some feedback. There were few of my kids friends that did not hear about it until it was too late. Several great baseball players. This was the same for last year when my kid did not participate because he had no idea this existed. This year he remembered! For next year, it would be great if there was a way to get the work out more other than word of mouth. Other than that, best idea ever!

Andrea Potiska

It is great to have all the boys get to play together on one team! Making memories!

John Rodriguez

This was the second year that we participated in Middle School Matchup. It was a great way for the boys to bond before they go into high school and play with their classmates. It was laid back and most importantly the boys had a great time playing without pressure. The whole environment was fantastic.

Kara Mason

I heard several boys day they had lots of fun and really enjoyed playing with various kids at various levels of baseball. It also opened the door for our son to see what other opportunities are out there with regards to playing with kids from different organizations, although they'll be going to the same middle school. Thanks!!

Natalie Martin

The boys had a blast playing on a team with all their middle school friends. We are looking forward to next year!

Christina Hughes

The boys had a blast playing together with their school mates. I watched the boys bond closer together as each game went on. They all wore their jerseys to school on Monday and were high-fiveing each other in the hallway. Great experience for the players, coaches, and parents throughout the weekend. We can't wait to do it again next year!

Mike Gullo

My son is at Cobb. They had the opportunity to play Griffin. All the boys loved to take a sneak peak at the kids they would be playing with at Wakeland 2024 . Jackson said “I can’t wait to play with those kids again ! Wakeland is going to have a good squad and they seem like good teammates !”


Great concept and lots of fun!

Marla Claffey

It was a great event and my 7th grade son enjoyed all the great instruction. The parents Q&A was informative. I would highly recommend it and we look forward to attending again in the future.

Michael Keegan

My sons team of 7th graders did not place in tourney, but EVERY one of those boys came off the last game with smiles on their faces!! Who wants to loose, but this shows what the coaches main message was.....meet new boys, do your best, but have fun!!!! Great experience!!!

Nancy Kile

Great event!! My son had a great time playing baseball with his school friends. A couple suggestions......it would be great if each complex hosting the event had T-shirts for sale, the board with all the kids playing and food collection boxes as outlined in the email. Thanks!!

Tracy Townsend

My son has played baseball since he was 4 and he told me this weekend was his favorite weekend of baseball ever!

Tara Moore

What a great event! I highly recommend it!

Michelle Killeen

It's so much fun to get a group of boys together that are friends but never get to play baseball as a team. We've had a blast every year and love to hear the boys having so much fun in the dugout and in between games.

Jay Yates

Son had a great time. Thanks MSM

Traci Phillips

My son, Dylan, had a great time playing high level baseball with his friends from Willow Springs Middle School. We are new to the North Texas area so it gave us a good glimpse that there is life outside of football in Texas sports! The talent level was amazing and the games were fun to watch. We are happy that we were part of the MSM experience.

David Koh

This is our second year at MSM and my son enjoys playing with his classmates, it is a unique and super exciting experience. Thanks to those who make this an unforgettable experience, very good job. See you next year. Let's Go MSM !!!!

Anahy De la cruz

I have twin 6th grade boys and they had a blast!!!!! This was such a great opportunity to get friends together to play as they usually are spread out on all different teams. So much fun!!!

Ashley York Ruff

What a great opportunity for kids to play with friends from school who they don't normally get to play with. My kids got the chance to play with kids they started playing baseball with years ago. Many kids take different paths in baseball but what a fun way to bring them back together for one weekend. Great memories for them.

Jan Murphy

Had an awesome time at Middle School Match up. It was lots of fun for the boys.

Martin Rodriguez

The 8th grade players on the Rogers Middle school in Prosper said they had a lot of fun but wish they had one more shot at a championship in the spring. Hopefully MSM can work it out and give all the 8th graders in the metroplex one more tournament. Personally I am thankful for allowing the kids an opportunity to play with their classmates before high school. They had a blast!

Bob Gleason

So impressed with how MSM is ran! My son had the best time ever. Learned a lot from major level players and helped other teammates push through their games. Highly recommend and will for sure signing my son up next year. Great job MSM

Kimberly Cunningham

Really fun and really competitive!! so fun to play with school friends! we had a blast !!

Cade Johnson

MSM was a great experience for both our 6th & 8th grade sons to play in. They both play select baseball and have played against their classmates in many tournaments but haven't had the opportunity to play on the same team. This gives them the chance to know how great it will be if they play high school baseball with the kids they see and talk to everyday and help build that bond on and off the field. We highly recommend giving your player the opportunity to play MSM whether they are playing travel or Little League Baseball, it's an experience they will never forget.

Dan Stillman

This was a great experience for my 8th grader. He has not played baseball for 2 years and he loved that he could play in a tournament with all his friends. He had a blast!

Paula Russ

Absolutely awesome baseball tournament! The concept is brilliant. My son had an amazing time playing baseball with his school buddies who are all on different teams. Some of his friends he played with years ago, and some he never had a chance to play with until MSM. As a parent, it was inspiring to watch the players support each other, pick each other up during adversity, and succeed as a team. The whole concept of MSM is awesome. Thank you for the opportunity and promoting #happybaseball.

Joel Zeff

What a wonderful experience for both my boys! Can’t wait to do it again next year!

Chrissa Rabe

My son had a GREAT time at the MSM this weekend! It was fun to see the boys come together and play as a team representing their school for the first time. The event was very organized and a good time was had by all!

Buffy Lester

After our last MSM tourney, our kids asked if they could make a select team and continue playing together.

Joel Stevens

I am far from a “baseball mom”, but this tournament has been so much fun for both my son and myself! We would definitely recommend Middle School Matchup!!

Melanie Healy

What an amazing day playing in Middle School Matchup. These boys played hard, had fun and took home the championship in their bracket. Aside from playing well as a team there were some pretty spectacular moments. Sunday Game 1 a perfect game was pitched and the team scored 17 runs. Game 2 a shut out was pitched and the team scored 11 runs. Game 3 pitchers held the opponent to 4 runs the hit a walk-off three-run in side the park home run for a 5-4 victory. To say the day was exciting is an understatement. Classmates from various teams came together as one and memories were made. Had an absolute blast.

Sheryl McBryde

This was a fun a well organized tournament. I loved my son being able to play with his classmates. All these boys play in different clubs so it was fun to see them play with their future high school teammates.

Sara Daun

This experience is just what my kid needed. We just moved here end of February from Cali. My kids had 5 days of school with their new school and then covid hit. They don’t know anybody. Plus my oldest (cayden who played MSM) just started JR high (6th grade) and it’s just been so difficult making friends. So playing on a team that consists of kids from his school was just what he needed. He had a great time and met some pretty amazing kids and parents. Plus the coach was absolutely amazing. My son did mention that he wished it was a longer event. Great job with everything and again thank you for the great memories!

Diana Rispaud

Our team had a blast regardless of only winning one game, alot of memories were made!

Cristina Ochoa

My son just loves being able to play with school friends and making new friends he had not met yet at school.

Robyn Godwin

This was a fun, fantastic, beautiful weekend. The facilities were great, schedules were well done and the boys had a great time! Thank you Sarah

Sarah Bowes

Very fun atmosphere getting to play with his buddies from school. Thank you for helping my son make memories he won’t forget.

Toby Bradshaw

My 6th grade son, Cade, had a blast at both the summer & fall MSM tourneys! Thanks for putting together this awesome opportunity! I heard Cade say many times “This is so much fun!” There were smiles all around, evidence that it truly is #happybaseball!

Jill Reagan

This was our second year playing in MSM and me coaching our MSM teams. Last year was great as it was a new experience. This year was even better as we kind of knew what to expect which allowed us to focus more on just having fun. We had great competition, fantastic fields and awesome umpires the entire weekend. Can't wait for MSM next year, although it will be our last I am sure it will be our best year of all.

Bill Lavrinovich

Our kids had a blast. We had a combined team so they got to know other kids as well as play with their friends. It’s too bad this is just once a year! Will do again!

Justin Yow

My 6th grader enjoyed playing with his classmates who are all one year older than him. He loved that his Social Studies teacher attended a game to cheer on the boys!

Tina Sponsler

Kids had a terrific time and wish it was more than one weekend during the fall.

Chris Romolo

My twins had a great time playing with school teammates for the 1st time. Moving forward, I would however recommend that for the 8th grade you play this tournament at 60/90 vs 54/80 so it would be safer.

Martin White

Kyle enjoyed getting to know some of the other baseball players at his middle school. As the parents commented, that is the core of our future high school team developing!!

Maria Olson

What a great experience for these boys! Thank you for putting this program together!

Kim Reid

My son has been playing baseball for 6 years. Even though the team did not win he never seemed happier after a series of games then this tournament. He enjoyed being with his friends to play the game he loves. Umpires all weekend were also very good.


Not sure who had more fun me or the boys. The priceless moment for me was when I witnessed boys who play baseball all the time embrace and encourage all their teammates some of which hadn’t played baseball in years. Wasn’t about winning or loosing it was about fun , representing their school and having a blast with their classmates.

Ron Llewellyn

Most fun my son has had playing baseball since starting!

Kathy Waffen

MSM puts on great events that allow for awesome school pride and relationship building among players!

Jeff Koeninger

it is great for the kids that don't play on the same team but go to the same school to play together !! the only thing that is disappointing is stacking teams with all great talent !!

Gregg Walther

My son plays on a nationally ranked select team. It was fun to see him play with the kids he goes to school with and friends with. I haven't seen him smile so much on the field. Plus he was able to show his friends his baseball skills which was nice for him....

Timothy Jones

The boys had so much fun! What an amazing experience

Kristen Kubat

This was our first experience with the MSM. My son had a great time. He got to meet so many players from other areas and the one common theme was baseball. I saw him between games talking and laughing with kids he had never met before. What a way to build fellowship between schools. Thanks to everyone who puts this tourney together!!!

Scott Stavenhagen

Great tourney!!! Kids had a great time. well run, great kids, coaches and umps. Looking forward to next year!!!

Hershell Barnes

Our daughter attended the hitting camp and had a great time, learned a new drill and for first time had her power off the bat timed. She already knew she could hit the ball hard, but when she was able to attach a number to it her confidence was boosted even more. As parents, we really loved hearing directly from scouts. Hearing what they look for confirmed the things we are doing right and will help us avoid doing things in the future that may automatically disqualify our player. Loved the tips about what NOT to spend money on as we are trying to promote our players to colleges and universities.

Lori McCaghren

My son and teammates got to play in 6th, 7th & 8th grade, going to miss this tournament being a part of his middle school baseball journey! Thank you MSM for hosting and volunteering on having this great tournament! Class of 2001

Adam Rivera

Our team and their parents team can't wait to do it again next year! Most of the boys have been hanging out on their free time ever since. I think that was the point. Well done MSM!

Casey Bowers

Our coach has been coaching select bb for 6 years. My son is a single a player he was treated with the utmost respect by the coach and assistant as well as his son who I don’t know where he plays but a great player. Thanks for the smile our coaches put on my sons face!

Daniel Wollent

It was great getting the boys at our school together to play. They aren't always on the same teams, but they could play together, form new bonds and represent their school!

Katie Owen

The middle school matchup is a great idea. The boys have a great time getting to play with all the kids from there school. It’s great for all skill levels to just come out and have a good time with their friends. I wish at the end of it all the would take all the champions from each grade and division. Let them battle it out and see who is the top school. Thank you for putting on the tournament.

Billy Teague

I like the idea of this event since boys that play baseball are not really able to play on a "school" team together until High School. This allows that opportunity and my son had a great experience.

Trey McMasters

My son just finished playing in the Summer Smash. He had the best last two days playing the sport he loves with his friends. He is already asking when the next middle school match up is. Can’t wait!

Michele Elwart

We enjoyed watching our team play...we sustained an injury during practice so weren't able to compete but we enjoyed cheering our team on nonetheless. Great time...I'd recommend it to any middle schoolers wishing they could play baseball next year in middle school.

Erica Strakh

My son had such a great time and made some new friends along the way! The coaches we had were great, they were very professional and positive. They made the experience fun and exciting for the kids and parents too!

elizabeth morrow

My son played MSM all three years of middle school. Great experience every year and wonderful memories made with classmates!

Nicole Hines

The boys really enjoy playing with their school friends and just going out and having fun. MSM is a great concept and seems to be enjoyed by all.

Courtney Johnson

So much laughing and excitement!

I loved how my son had fun with his team. I heard so much laughing and excitement from the duggout

Amy McKiddy

This was the 2nd year my son has played MSM, and my 2nd year to coach a team. This year was as much fun if not more fun than the last. All of the boys on our team smiled the entire time we were there. I am not sure which they enjoyed more, playing with their buddies from school or playing against the boys on the other school team that are normally their teammates. We plan to form an 8th-grade team to finish out our 3rd and final year with MSM. It is an event both you and your child will look forward to each season, trust me on that. Mathew Long - Keller ISD - Trinity Springs Middle School 7th

Mathew Long

What a great experience! Our junior high was the first ever from our district to participate in MSM. It was worth it! The boys bonded quickly like they'd played with each other for years. As the tourney went along they grew closer together. What great lasting memories for the boys and the parents!!!

Josh Pittman

Well run organization.

Collin King

This is our 2nd year of participation and our son’s school 2nd runner up status. While cold, it was a blast seeing him play with and against his friends. Select baseball is serious business, but MSM allows for fun, silly competition!

Lysa Bufford

My son 100% loved this tournament. He was only able to participate in it 2x because he had an injury in 7th grade and wasn't able to participate. But being around all these different players from different schools in a relaxed atmosphere helped him play really well in the tournament. I saw smiles on all the kids faces and the most memorable thing i saw was when the pitcher on the opposing team was warming up, ALL the boys gathered and were laughing and talking to each other because they all knew each other. Wonderful tournament

Keegan Kibble

My son absolutely loved playing with all his school friends! He wishes middle school had baseball! Thank you for a fantastic weekend!!

Paige Chorens

Fun time for all! Grandson had the opportunity to meet and see friends that has teamed and played with in the past that attends schools different from him!

Don Bison

I loved coaching the kids and them getting to represent their school. My son had a blast and can't wait until next year and I hope to get the opportunity to coach the boys again. The boys had a lot of fun playing together.

Eric Harris

Professionally run and perfect weather for it!

My son had a great time. Even though he played with several boys he had never met before, he enjoyed the match up! Professionally run and perfect weather for it! We would definitely do it again!

Karen Martin

I heard my player said he loved playing with kids from his school and from different teams. Over the past two years he has made more friends and has started to look forward to playing in the tournement every year.

Joe Escobar

Son loved the tournament and the opportunity to play baseball with his middle school friends. Can’t wait to play again.

Wes Collier

MSM does an amazing job. Boys had a ton of fun! We are looking forward to the winter tournament.

Tom D’Angelo

The boys were huddled up before the first game I heard one say to the other" imagine our school having two teams if everyone signed up and what that would look like"

Daniel Wollent

My son, Bryson, played in his first MSM tournament and had a great time playing with his classmates who, for the most part, play on separate teams. He even played against some of his Club teammates. Looking forward to next year!

Mary Mechem-Fields

Our son was so happy to enjoy playing a weekend of baseball with his friends from school! The tournament was very well planned and we can’t wait for next year.

Jeff Hicks

The boys had such a great experience at the Middle School Match Up! We can’t wait till next year! 😁

Andrea Crubaugh

MSM was great for us for a few reasons. It allowed boys who grew up together but have very different levels of baseball skill to compete in a real tournament. MSM also introduced boys to one another early who will likely end up on a highschool team together. Highly recommend MSM to any up and coming 6th, 7th, 8th grade players and families.

Shawn Cox

Great experience for everyone involved.

christopher Fears

I had a 6th & 7th grader for the first time playing MSM, and they loved it! Great coaches, fun with friends, and great attitudes all around! Would highly recommend it to others!!

Amber Tindal

Middle School Matchup was a wonderful experience for my 6th grader. I am so thankful he got the opportunity to participate in this event. He got the opportunity to play with other kids from his middle school that he has not played with before and he loved it. MSM does an outstanding job making this event fun, competitive, and memorable! #happybaseball

Dan Swanick

The level of competition was incredible. The event was very well run and the communication was also second to none. My son loved the school gear and having the opportunity to play baseball for his school (we'll never understand why baseball can't be a "school sport" in middle school). Our team ended up winning our division so that was a bonus but my son would have loved the experience almost as much if we'd only have played 3 games. My son was also thrilled that the booster club at his school had a social media post announcing it first thing this morning. Such a cool experience all the way around. Thank you for organizing this!

Heather Armstrong

MSM brought kids and families together that have rarely been able to play together, let alone baseball. And even though some of our players had never played baseball competitively and we were blown away by both of our opponents, our boys still had a lot of fun just being together.

Paul Wetzel

I've coached youth baseball for 10 years. The MSM tournament was unlike any other tournament I've been a part of. My team was full of school pride playing for their middle school! I strongly recommend MSM!

Tim Wright

This was our 2nd MSM and we loved it just as much as the 1st! We love that it gives our boys who grew up together the opportunity to play together! The program is well organized, teaches team work and to be competitive while still having fun. Middle School Match-up fans for life!

Kelly Ball

I loved the fact that kids from same school were able to play a sport they love

Yesika Strangfeld

Well organized fun tournament! Thank you!

Tim Allen

MSM is a great event that allows the kids to play baseball with their classmates. We always end up playing with and against former teammates and friends.

Paul Schleifer

Everyone was all about fun. The kids just had fun. There was no pressure from anyone, and it was fun to have the school pride aspect. We need more things like this for both the parents and the kids.

Anthony Smith

I had one of the most gifted players I’ve ever seen at 12yrs old on my team that hit 3 home runs and struck out the side in 13 pitches this weekend...but to see him encouraging and rooting for some players that hadn’t played at the highest level of baseball, was refreshing and beautiful to see. Likewise, we had some very big hits and plays by some kids that may not play select or travel ball that only MSM affords classmates this opportunity. I think these boys will remember this weekend forever.

Robby Deevers

I heard my son and other players say”this is the most fun I’ve had playing ball with my classmates “!

Gary Gray

Just wanted to share with you what an awesome experience we had this weekend. The time spent getting to know the boys that are new friends to my son In middle school was amazing! Although our Downing Diamondbacks came up short today, the memories that were made will last a lifetime. What a great way for us as parents to get to know one another as well! Kudos to everyone who put this tournament together. It’s a great concept and a well run event. Thanks again for a great time. We will be back for our 7th grade year for sure!

Justin Vaughn

My son had a blast playing baseball with his school mates which doesn't happen in middle school. Wish we could do it next year, unfortunately the kids have to pick one sport in High School

Ryan Hampton

Great family fun for all! It's heartwarming to see all of our middle school boys bond and get to play together. It's very uplifting and positive.

Tatiana Perry

We really enjoyed the MSM! It was a relaxing and fun change from our regular tournament play .

Kara Harvey

We had such an amazing experience all around!! The boys had great chemistry and they enjoyed playing with their friends from school! MSM kudos to y’all for pulling off such a challenging and fantastic event!! Looking forward to the next one!!


A great weekend and my son was extremely excited to play baseball with friends from school.

April Bell

What a fun tournament! My son loved playing with all his buddies from school, and playing against other friends he knew too. Was great experience playing with other kids that he normally wouldnt play with as they are on different teams.

Kirby D

This is my son's second year to participate in MSM! Once again it was an absolute blast. Logan said to me after the second game, "There is nothing more fun than looking up and seeing all my best friends playing our favorite sport all together". We can't wait til next year. Go Gators!

Michele Tapp

My son had a great time meeting new boys from his school & playing with some buddies he doesn’t usually get to play with! He is already looking forward to next year!

Stacy Dennis

My son, Michael, had the best two days of playing ball with his new friends from school! This is a great way for the kids to know new people and socialize, especially in this strange time. Parents had a great time, too!

Lee Ellen Hauser

Both our boys had a great time playing. It was a great event and they love playing with their school. Thank you.

Billie Gilliland

Went in as a free agent and put with a team. The kids were so open and nice to a new kid. The coaches were motivating and fun and the parents were so nice as well. It made baseball even more fun.

Julie Rodriguez

It was great to see the boys come together and play hard and create great memories

jeff fahrendorf

He had the best weekend playing with his buds!!

Chanel Stiggers

My son had a blast, the fields were nice. Only suggestion I have is to have working scoreboards.

Manda Evans

Very fun event for the kids.

Charlie Harmon

This is our first year and we were astonished on how well put together this was. (Don't even worry about the emails at the beginning :) ) It was extremely smooth and I will recommend to anyone that will listen!

JP Kearney

My son received some great feedback from the coaches. I got some great information on college recruitment, expectations and next steps for my son's baseball career.

Helen G

Fun event!


My son had so much fun even as a “free agent.” He said he learned so much from our coach and the other boys.

Jennifer Miles

My son loved this weekend. We play in tournaments all the time, but this one had such a fun atmosphere and he loved playing with his friends from school. Thank you!

Nancy Casteel

This event was phenomenal. It was well organized and well executed, and most of all, it's such a fun concept to be playing with kids from your neighborhood. Isaac told me "this is the most fun I have had playing baseball in a long time." As a parent, one cannot ask any more than that. Kudos, MSM.

Antonio Cisneros

My son had so much fun playing with his friends. It was a great time by all. Looking forward to next year.

Becki Cordeiro

Great experience, My son Noah had a terrific time. First time we were able to play as a unit with kids we've known for years and made some new friends. Great event Great people couldn't be happier. Thanks MSM

Thomas Davis

My son had a great time and got to show his classmates what he was all about. We had several coaches come try to recruit my son after the games. It was a lot of fun and also competitive.

Scott Schueler

One of the best tourneys

sean m sharrer

Such a great experience. My son had a blast and we had more fun watching baseball than we have in a long time. Can’t wait til next years event.

Jennifer Barry

One of the best tournaments all season! Can’t wait for next year

Jason Cooley

What a great tournament and a great time for the boys! Our MSM team was made up of players from about five different teams; so, for some of the boys this was their first chance to play together since they were much younger - if ever. I had more than one boy tell me how much fun it was playing with ALL of their friends together. Even better... they beat their cross-town rival, so they have some BRAGGING RIGHTS! I know they are all already talking about NEXT year! p.s. The rings are AWESOME! They all wore them to school the next day, and they are so proud. Great job to the entire team at MSM for making this such a memorable experience for players, coaches AND fans!

Richard Whitman

My son loved playing this weekend, he wishes we had done it sooner cause this is his last year in middle school 😕

Chrissy Cook

Connor loved playing baseball with friends from Scoggins Middle School !

Elizabeth Bowland

We had a great time. The umpires did a great job. We will be back next year! TCA

Russell Wilkins

My son has been playing baseball for the last 7 years, and I've never seen him so confident on the field or with his teammates! Playing the with his friends from school brought out a whole new side of him that I'm looking forward to watching in the more competitive games in future seasons. The night before the MSM tournament, I heard my son say, "This is going to be the most fun tournament ever!" Even though our boys didn't walk away champions, I still believe he was right. It was so fun!

Dewawn Wiest

My son had a terrific time at the camp. The question/answer session with the coaches was extremely beneficial. Knowing the information now, when my kid is 11, will be beneficial as he moves forward in his baseball endeavors.

Chris Romolo

It's just a great experience to see the boys get to play with their school buddies. There is no pressure and it is so much fun for them that I know they love it, and the memories they create will stick with them more than even the tourneys they play with their select teams. One suggestion, and no idea how feasible it would be, but I would love to see this more times throughout the year. I know all the select players have busy schedules, but I think you could do this kind of tourney a couple of times a year if you did it during the week. You can have the teams opt in from this weekend and play with the same roster and uni's, and you could do a couple of midweek tourneys throughout the spring. I know my boys would love it.

Robert Torres

My son had a great time playing with his schoolmates

chris henry

Amazing event

Coaching for the last few years, never seen a team so pumped and excited to play as these middle school teams. Amazing event to see all the kids playing with classmates for the first time.

Joseph Rodriguez

Middle School Matchup was able to put together great talents for my son's team. My son was able to contribute his baseball skills to the team and won it all by getting the championship ring...His very first such accomplishments.. He was so proud of himself. He has participated with Middle School Matchup the last 3 years.(6th 7th and 8th grade.). I hope this fun experience he will treasure for the rest of his life...Thank You

Eric Talvy

Brings out their sportsmanship, kindness and the spirit of baseball. I love it!

MSM is the BEST 2 days of baseball, for kids who play select ball, this is just a fun time to play with friends that you usually dont get to play with. It can be challenging because everyone is at different levels but it really brings out their sportsmanship, kindness and the spirit of baseball. I love it!!!!

Trish Echaniz

Great tournament

Craig Railsback

Middle School Match-up was as much fun for the coaches as it was for the kids. We made a lot of great friendships and the kids were disappointed the fun only lasted for the weekend. I look forward to two more years of this tournament and hopefully we will play with the same kids and parents. #happybaseball

Joel Stevens

Middle School Matchup weekend was an awesome experience for my 6th grader. It gave him a chance to play baseball with all of his friends who are on different teams and he had a great time. We will be back next year for sure!

Tracy R



Many of the boys on my son’s middle school team are kids that he had played against in rec ball. It was nice to finally meet some of them and their parents that we had sat across from for many years.

Robert Laughon

What a great idea and a lot of Fun. Maybe need another one in the Spring also???

Ray Davis

No better way in the DFW area for middle school boys to play together than at the MSM tournament.

Randy Tamplen

"That was fun!"

Dee Fields

Our kiddos had the best time. They played against friends so of course that was the best! Our 6th graders that represented EMS-Creekview School took the Championship! Can’t wait for next year..

Tracey Burris

My player really enjoyed being a free agent and the team of boys he played with. Coaching staff was excellent and the team welcoming. #happybaseball for sure

Allison Aring

My boys look forward to this every year. Win or lose it’s the most fun weekend of baseball at this age.

Todd Stoner

This was some of the best baseball I have seen since my son has been playing baseball. I really enjoyed seeing all levels of experience come together into one team.

Bryan Harris

This was my sons first year playing, but he had so much fun! What could be more fun than playing your favorite sport with your friends, all weekend! Thank you MSM for offering such a fun event!

Candace Larkin

Great time!

Carson Kimbrell

My Son went into the tournament with an arm issue and told by Doctors to not throw for 2-3 weeks. Richard, the coach of the Roach team allowed him to participate and be a part of the team. Richard kept my Son involved by allowing him to bat but not take the Field. My Son was extremely pleased to be able to participate on a limited basis and learn from a strong coach.

Louis Bryant

My son said he had more fun this one weekend than he had all of his regular season combined! Thank you, Middle School Matchup!

M Galegher

My is in 6th grade and younger then his school classmates. Most of them play a year older then he does in local baseball. He loved being able to finally be able to play on a real team with his buddies and had a blast.

David Sumrall

My player bonded with other baseball players from school he may not have otherwise!

Tara barton

It's so much fun to see school buddies get the chance to play together! One of my favorite tourneys of the year.

Christy Smitherman

The kids really enjoyed this event, hope to participate again!

Lisa Allday

Great weekend of baseball, made some new friends too!

Amy Biggers

My son loved playing with the kids from his school! Great event!

Linda Mcmillan

Fun weekend of baseball for my son! Since most of the guys play select/club ball it was great to see them all wearing the same jersey on the field (instead of competing against one another!!) and get a glimpse into his future HS team.

Amber D.

Great opportunity for schoolmates to interact and play together.

Kurt Liles

This tournament was awesome! My son Micah made new friends and got a renewEd love for the game. We are now looking for a more competitive team to be on after getting feedback from other coaches on his talent level. He also got to play some different positions and is now in love with first base. Thank you - you guys did an amazing job and look forward to next year!

Chris Luna

Great job Middle School match up staff. I had my ninth player show up Saturday morning with a broken hand from the night prior. Was very impressed with the onsite tourney directors response to finding a last min sub player @ Bachus in Frisco. He even followed up to ensure we had no issues halfway through our first game!

Reggie Alexander

This was so much playing with kids from my school who I don't play with on my Select Team!

Bethany Golofit

What a fantastic weekend! This was such a great way to meet new players and try new positions! Thank you for all that you do!!

Heather Entzminger

It was great getting these boys together that will eventually play high school ball together! They had loads of fun.

Eric prince

What a great weekend of baseball. Very fun tournament that brought kids together that don’t play together. Camaraderie was great

Ryan Horstman

Fun to see the middle schoolers play

Rachel Snider

I had the opportunity to coach a team this year. Not quite sure what we were getting into but ecstatic by the end of the weekend. This event is very well run. For the kids to have an opportunity to play with their classmates turned out to be very positive for all. We lost our 1st bracket game Sunday (3 extra innings) but the kids played hard and had a great time. The biggest thing they were fired up about was their Mannequin Challenge video that MSM put on the FB page. In 24 hours it had over 1000 views. The kids thought they were famous. Thank you again, we will see you next year!

Jason Nelson

Fantastic experience for our family, our son has played in this tournament two years in a row and this year was better than last year (which was great). I would highly recommend this tournament!!

James Martinez

This tournament is creating some of the best memories for these boys. They approach the weekend and the plate with a huge smile on their faces.

Morgan Stone

It was a blast! The kids had an amazing time.great experience for the middle school kids.

erika luna

Highly recommend MSM! Just 1 weekend a year to play with your buddies and multi-level players, all while representing your school! Reinforces the meaning of teamwork and helps develop relationships.

Corey Graham

My son had a blast at the Middle School Matchup 2018. It was our first, but not last time to participate. My son loved the change up from his normal league and really enjoyed the mix up of kids in his grade. Great time! Highly recommend

Meredith Reily

Son had a great time playing in this tournament. Well Organized.

Russell Wilson

It was such a fun weekend to watch these classmates have the opportunity to play together and come away as the MSM Champions!! MSM was well organized and the umps were great! We look forward to playing again!

Ginger Anderson

Fun, hope to participate again soon. Boys were very excited to play with their friends.

Holly Stone

This was a great opportunity for my son to meet and play with his future HS teammates. All the boys had a ball. It was great watching them having fun playing the game all of them love.

Jim Lambert

My son was able to play his 6th grade & 8th grade year and had a blast playing with friends from school.

Susan Quattrin

My son really enjoyed playing with his friends AND he says he learned some things from his coach. Great time all around

Sue H

We love to see these talented kids come together to play baseball and represent their school.

Janibel D

It was a blast! The kids had an amazing time.great experience for the middle school kids.

erika luna

Middle School Matchup is a great event!!!!!!! My son’s 6th grade team won their bracket championship! This will be something my son and his classmates will always remember!!! We will definitely be back to play next year!

Jarred Coursey

Thank you all for organizing his event! My son had a great time and I learned a ton of valuable information. As a parent of a young athlete there are so many aspect of the progression of this sport that I simply don’t know how to navigate, especially going into High School and College. It’s such a relief to have this time to ask face to face real questions from those who know the best answers, even to the questions I hadn’t thought of. Thank you again for being the light on our path.

Lissa Clemens

Very informative for parents concerning college recruitment and preparation for the application process. Also, great for teaching the boys the college coaches expectations. My 12 year old son, Noah, enjoyed the specialized instruction from the Oklahoma State and University of Houston coaches during camp and said it was his favorite one day camp ever! We appreciate all of the coaches and staff that helped make this a successful event.

Thomas Davis

There are several benefits from playing in middle school match up. First, there is much more natural chemistry in the dugout than one that is forced when playing with kids from their school. The relationships between the kids are strengthening and those of the parents within the team and community. Typically our boys have played with select teams, and over the years, we have unfortunately switch teams for one reason or the other. It's so great that they can talk about these games at school. The only suggestion I would give is to have these matchups more often.

David Barnhisel

What a great weekend! It was great to play with classmates of all different levels and meet new people.

Rachelle Garza

The 2-day Summer Smash Tourney was a blast!

The 2-day Summer Smash Tourney was a blast! The boys were smiling all day! When we got in the car, my son said, “That was awesome! I’ve never had that much fun playing baseball!” It was great seeing the boys meet new friends, connect with old friends & become teammates!

Jill Reagan

My son enjoyed being able to play with his classmates! He even made a few new friends. The facilities were great and very family friendly! Thanks for the opportunity to participate!

Jema K.H. Cook

Excellent tournament that enabled all of our school’s boys to play great ball together. What a fantastic bonding experience for the kids and parents!

Jed Klink

It was a memorable weekend with new friends. Kids has the great experience representing their school playing baseball.

Janibel Delgado

Cool tournament!

MSM is such a cool tournament that gives classmates a chance to play with and against current teammates former teammates and other players they have played against.

Sal Ribaul

My son and our family look forward to this tournament. It is so fun for him to get to play with his classmates. The atmosphere is fun for the whole family! The memories made are priceless!

Mindy Montgomery

The boys had a blast playing and loved sporting their game shirts and hoodies at school!

kristin pavle

This was our first experience with MSM and we loved every part of it from the ease of signing up, the great communication before and during the tournament, and the experience our son got to play with his school friends and compete at a high level.

Bryan Borden

Great experience for my son. He enjoyed playing with the kids he will eventually play High School ball with. Well ran event!

Mark Helms

Great time awesome venue for the kids

Dan Wollent

The coaching was great, the competition level was adequate and overall we had a great weekend of baseball. I look forward to participating this coming school year.

Reece Broussard

This was the an outstanding weekend of family fun and some great baseball. My son plays AA and played for Staley Middle School and absolutely had the best time playing and representing the school. We talked for hours about he wonderful weekend and all of the talented teams. this is an event that should happen more often. Maybe a Spring Match Up. We would even be interested in a middle school mini season. The event was very well organized and well done. SUPER EXPERIENCE. THANK you so much. Please consider a Spring Match and a Mini Season.

Derrick Hodnett

This is our 2Nd year to do this tournament. It has been great both years. Well organized and good competitive teams.

Sara Daun

What an awesome weekend of baseball. My son had the time of his life. The coaches were fantastic and the boys had a blast. Can't wait to do it again next year.

James Gaddy

One of the best tournaments we have ever played.

One of the best tournaments we have ever played. Boys had a great time and took home the Championship win in the 7th grade upper bracket overall division. We will be back again.

Aaron J Stalberger

He was so excited to see foul balls hit so that he could get Whataburger!!

Brittany Woertendyke

What a fun weekend! Very well organized and boys got to play ball with classmates they might not normally get to play with. We had great parent and student support too! Wish we would have done this in 6th and 7th grade as well.

Karen Wydra

Would definitely recommend! Our son had never expressed an interest or played baseball until MSM. Coach Price worked with him and he and an awesome time and experience to the point where he will now play in the spring. Thanks to the staff and coach for making our son a success story.

James from Frisco

Great job to all involved in planning and executing the MSM tournament. Competition was strong and it seemed each team was having a blast! I wish some of the tournament circuits for select baseball could learn some of your efficiencies and practices. Well done!

Blake Miller

We really enjoyed a fun weekend playing with our school district!!!

Alicia Puente / Eran Puente

This is a great way to make new friends, reconnect with old through the same passion for baseball. My son looks forward to next year!

Carol Kikuma-Lim

This tournament was very well organized and executed. The pace for the 2 days was fast and furious but I never saw a detail overlooked. I love the attention to detail prior to the event like the uniforms that match the colors of the players school and the excellent communication to the parents. Also, thanks for calling out parents who’s behavior was detracting from the overall purpose of the event. While I didn’t witness any of that personally, I appreciate the effort to keep the event fun. Well done!

David Stum

Really enjoyed it! Great staff and easy to chat with.

Lupita Armijo

This was my son's first year playing for MSM. He is a 6th grader in McKinney. The boys had a great time getting together with other students from their school that they may not normally play with. The coaches were also great and it was FUN FUN FUN.

Kelli Mau

Our kids had such a great time playing together! We noticed the same with other teams, and had other coaches commenting to us how much fun our kids were having with each other. It didn't matter if we were winning or losing at the time - they just had an amazing time together!

Chris Borchers

Great event, the first time my kid has been able to play and represent his school.

Brad Morgan

This has been our third MSM. Our boys love it and we as a tight group of parents look forward to it every year. Thank you.

Joseph Messina

Our Harwood JH boys were the first HEB kids to compete in MSM and they made the finals. We loved the format, the organization and the opportunity! Need more schools in the west side to join the fun!

David Brown

This was all about the kids playing to have fun. While it was a competitive tournament, the boys really had fun playing with boys from their school and district. We will definitely do this again next year!

Jose Rosales

Great time for the boys

Robert Bowers

This was our first tournament with MSM and we had a great time! We got to play with friends and it was fun to watch. The MSM staff made the process easy, it was clear to understand and from out point of view, worked perfectly. We'll be back!

Renee Fernandes

It was great to see all of my sons friends come together to play the game they love. They all play competitive baseball with different organizations and this gave them the oppourtunity to play together. It was awesome!

Robert Perry

I've had the pleasure of coaching the 6,7,and 8th grade Hudson GISD team the last 3 years. My son and his friends had an absolute blast and made some everlasting memories. This year was especially good because we won our bracket. Thank you again for putting on a great event for the kids. I will miss it next year for sure but we are on to High School baseball. Congratulations to MSM and their entire staff for another great season. Cheers!

Roli Ochoa

So fun to watch these boys get to connect and play together as a team with current teammates, former teammates, and new teammates. It was a great weekend!

Kelly West

Rylan had so much fun. Playing against class mates in a fun setting was relaxing. Coach Pitts was excellent with his relationship to the team. Helped them enjoy the game even more.

Rylan Hudgins

What a great camp! My son said he loved the time with college coaches. The recruiting info sessions were great. The coaches were so patient and made the players and parents feel valued.

Jessica VanMersbergen

What an amazing experience! MSM is run so well; so organized but with a great personal touch. The boys loved every minute of it! Thank you for a great weekend full of memories.

Jennifer Cizek

The excitement of Middle School Matchup has intensified from year to year and the boys can't wait to play one more time before they start High School. MSM is truly a #happybaseball event.

Steve Burton

It is so fun to see the boys get to play baseball and represent their school in this way.

Michael McKnight

MSM brought the boys together to get to know each other better and have great memories and so much fun!

Marla Rice

Our family absolutely loves MSM!

Our family absolutely loves MSM!! Our oldest son played all 3 years and was even awarded Keeper of the Game his last year and we just watched our youngest complete his 3 years in MSM! I love how it brings the boys together since they all play on different teams throughout the year. The laughter, the camaraderie and memories made between the boys & the parents are Priceless!

Shanna Eggleston

What a great weekend!! Our team had so much fun playing on the field and making memories at the hotel. Every part of the tournament went so smoothly. Our boys won the championship and received championship T-shirts and they were so excited to wear them the next day to school to show all of their friends that they were MSM Champs!!

Shalleen Shands

What I love most about MSM is that you have players from ALL levels playing together. It’s about school friends playing baseball together, who otherwise may never get the chance. Our coach never sits anyone, no matter what their skill level is, they ALL play, every game. It’s what MSM should be about!

Amy Peters

I would like to extend a Thank you to MSM staff for putting a great, fun tournament for the kids. We did not have many practices but the boys enjoyed every bit of playing together. When my son tells me I'm proud to play with my school friends for his middle school (GISD-Hudson) it speaks volumes about what the tournament is about. Its about having fun, team building, competing and proudly representing your middle school. Id like to Thank MSM for allowing me to coach a combined metro team, not only did our kids bond with other teammates I also had the opportunity to meet some great parents that enjoy the game of baseball. Thank you Meno

Meno Rangel

Boys had a blast!!

Cory Osterman

This was an amazing experience

Jamie De Voe

MSM was a great experience! My son had so much fun playing with his school friends!

Brandon Johnson

Middle School Matchup was a fantastic experience for our son! He had such a great time playing with his friends from school and playing against friends from other schools. We can't wait until the next MSM tournament!

Lauren Wurman

What a fun weekend orf bonding amongst classmates. Memories that will last a lifetime

Brent Harrolle

It was great to see the kids laughing and having fun with classmates. It's more than a game and we look forward to next year's MSM!

Rick Garza

My boys loved playing with friends from their school!

Jennifer L

It was a great opportunity to play more baseball once the regular season it's over plus a positive way to interact with classmates from his middle schoo,..gran evento

Adrian chavez

Great experience for my son. He made new friends and played alot of quality baseball. We're certainly all in for next year.

G. Scott Nazarenus

The MSM tournament was a great way for my son to make some new friends in advance of the first day of school. It was also a good opportunity to get acquainted with some of the new parents. Highly recommend!

Byron Wilson

We didn’t win, but our group of guys, that represented almost as many teams as players, had so much fun together! Kicking off Middle School right! We’ll definitely try to play again!

lindsay harris

All the reviews are correct- this was the best weekend of baseball!!

Stephanie Preische

Great experience for the boys and their middle school. Fields, umpires, staff and vendors were great! My son had a blast and is excited for the next MSM tournament.

Shane Adams

Middle School Matchup was an amazing event. Seeing the boys bond was fantastic. Although they are all so competitive, it was a great time for them to relax and just enjoy playing the game they all love with friends. The officiating was truly the best we have had and we have seen a lot of officials. Thank you MSM for a terrific weekend.

Dedra Hicks

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